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Private Internet Access VPN Review 2017

Private Internet Access VPN Review 2017 – The re are a lot of users who use Netflix on a regular basis, but Netflix is accessible to a specified locations. What about the users who want to use  PIA Netflix:

How to install and configure the PIA?

Private Internet Access is available for most of the operating systems, and it is easy to install and configure it on your system.

For desktop applications, you can easily install and use it, where you just have to download the installation file and install the application in your system. After installation, you will see a login page where you can enter the login credentials which w as used at the time of subscription. Also, you can look for the type of connection by selecting a region. If you are looking for an encrypted connection, then you can choose the auto mode of connection. Also, if you are looking for the location-based connection,  and then you can choose the manual mode of connection.

If you are looking for a mobile application, then you can download the app from Google Play Store.

Subscription Cost of PIA

Private Internet Access offers the little cost to their users when compared with other VPN service providers. The VPN service providers charge  $6-$10 per month, whereas PIA charges are as low as $3.33 per month.

Reliability, speed, and bandwidth

When it comes to the speed, the PIA performs exceptionally well, it has consistently achieved 90-95% efficiency, and there was no drop in the speed of the server.


The software performs well overall, but the design should have been better. The users would like to access the advanced design of this software to gain the complete control over the VPN

Review Conclusion

The re are various VPN service providers, but PIA offers the minimum price services. Also, there are a comprehensive set of features for this software, which makes it an outstanding one among other VPN service providers.

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