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RadioPublic – The Podcast App: Review And Features

RadioPublic – The  Podcast App: Review And Features

Description of RadioPublic – The Podcast App Review

RadioPublic is an easy-to-use podcast app for the iPhone that makes listening to podcasts easier. Podcasts in our catalog can be streamed or downloaded so you can listen without mobile data. Our Podcast Librarians highlight award-winning podcasts from our extensive directory, select shows at the top of the NPR, WNYC, and PRX podcast charts such as This American Life, Criminal, and Serial for new listeners as they search profoundly for small indie podcasts.

Whether you're new to podcasts, unsure where to start, or if a long-time listener is following dozens of podcasts, RadioPublic is the podcast app for you.

*** Here are a few publications about what we do ***

*** Boston Globe *** "RadioPublic …, headquartered at Harvard & # 39; s launch lab startup office, is trying to develop a better podcast app, one that will remove annoying roadblocks for podcast creators and listeners. "

*** FastCompany *** "… RadioPublic, as a Public Benefit Corporation, will integrate the high visibility mission into its corporate charter to ensure that future leaders do not lose sight of their founding principles."

*** Huge podcast catalog from Podcaster around the world. ***
The re are more than 300,000 podcasts and 15 million episodes with podcasts in dozens of languages. Choosing to hear something can be overwhelming. While you can search for each podcast, our podcast librarians select and mark the shows.

• Browse podcasts in dozens of categories such as: news & current events, portraits of people, interviews with musicians, and shows that talk about pop culture.
• Sample episodes in curated playlists created by podcasting experts, superfans, and listeners like you.
• Watch popular podcasts that are trendy on RadioPublic.
• Discover and listen to audiobooks that have been published as podcasts.
• Listen to podcasts from popular networks like Gimlet, Radiotopia, BBC, Earwolf, Maximum Fun, HowStuffWorks, and CBC.

*** benefits for all ***
RadioPublic is a free app and does not require an account or social login to browse or listen.

• Download episodes during the WLAN and listen without using mobile data.
• Tap Play and stream podcast episodes without waiting for a download.
• Add episodes to your queue and create a personal ongoing playlist.
• Share popular podcasts and episodes with friends.
• Frequent app updates from nice people who love podcasts and podcasters.

*** Useful features for power handset ***
• Smart Folders help you organize your shows and episodes and apply filters.
• Set up automatic downloads, and new episodes of your shipments are available offline.
• Enable notifications and we'll let you know when new episodes are released.
• Add any podcast, including private RSS feeds as offered to Patreon supporters.
• Import and export your shows with the OPML import.

*** How Podcaster can benefit from RadioPublic ***
• Podcasters can be paid when people hear your broadcast on RadioPublic.
• We will not re-host your audio files, so statistics will be displayed in your hosting dashboard.
• Report your most loyal listeners with Affinity Promotions.

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RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation and our mission, as contained in our Memorandum, is:

Help listeners discover, engage, and reward creators of stories, podcasts, and other audio files. We share the pedagogical, artistic and journalistic mission of public media and the democratic values ​​of open access to information. We commit ourselves to operate a platform that values ​​the work of the authors, respects the privacy and information rights of the users and benefits all participants.

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