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Repetitions for iPhone: Review And Features

Repetitions for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Repetitions for iPhone Review

Repetitions is a Cross Platform Repeat System (SRS), a smart index card application that makes learning and memorizing easier. An SRS optimizes your learning process by using a sophisticated algorithm that sets The Best time to display a map. In essence, hard-to-remember cards appear more frequently for review than easy-to-remember cards, so you do not waste time on things you already know.

It's a clean, simple and easy-to-use application that lets you study and sync your flashcards across multiple desktops and mobile devices. The desktop version of Repetitions is available for free download and integrates seamlessly with your mobile devices.

Now you can learn with repetitions anytime, anywhere!

Visit to download the desktop version for free.

Repeats 1.82 Features:

* Desktop version available for free download
* Import existing repetition databases, Mnemosyne 1.x and 2.x databases, Anki 2.x databases, text files, and copy and paste data with the desktop version
* Create new databases
* Add, edit or delete maps
* Edit your database
* Show statistics
* Fullscreen in portrait and landscape modes
* Support for viewing maps formatted with HTML tags
* Image support
* Audio support
* LaTeX and MathML support for mathematical formulas
* Review mode for studying maps like a traditional Flashcard application
* Advanced settings and functions
* Cloud synchronization support for syncing your databases, images, and sounds across all your computers and / or mobile devices
Support local network synchronization for transferring your databases, images, and sounds between your computers and / or mobile devices
* Includes bonus Kanji and Kana databases for studying Japanese

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