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Review: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus

The great headphone  Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus is like its profitable predecessor, the CUSTOM ONE PRO, versatile and great headphones making listening to music interactive with a most of flexibility. It combines an extraordinary sound with many individually adjustable parameters and offers an all-in-one answer for nearly each objective in non-public functions, whether or not for listening to music when traveling or using the stereo system at home, you can also use for Skype, gaming or video and podcast recordings. The se are headphones outlined by selection. Don’t like one thing concerning the headphones? Change it. You’ll be able to exchange absolutely anything on these cans: the pads, the band, the faceplates, and even the sound will be modified at a whim. The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus is designed to be no matter you need it to be—at this time, tomorrow, every time. The headphone have an extensive normal in design and comfort. With the CUSTOM Sound Slider, you possibly can simply adapt the audio profile of the headphones to your private style or to the music you’re listening to. The re are 4 totally different profiles to select from, starting from “Analytical” to “Heavy Bass.“ CUSTOM ONE PRO PLUS delivers a very clear and rich bass, which you’ll be able always to regulate in its intensity.


beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones with Accessory Kit and Remote Microphone Cable, Black
$195.10 $299.00

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CUSTOM Style lets you change the look of your headphones at any time. 16 included design covers are only the start. Moreover, you possibly can select from completely different optionally available rings, extra design covers.


Most music devices at present are cell phones or different mobile devices. That’s why CUSTOM ONE PRO PLUS comes with a built-in microphone and remote to choose up calls and management media playback. With more removable cables and a HEADSET GEAR with gooseneck microphone.


  • CUSTOM Sound Slider – variable bass reflex system
  • CUSTOM Style – versatile changeable design
  • CUSTOM Cable – removable cable
  • Gentle ear and headband pads guarantee excessive sporting consolation
  • Handcrafted made in Germany

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  • 1,3 m headset cable with one-button distant
  • 1,5 m commonplace cable with screw-on sort 1/4″ adapter (6.35 mm)
  • 16 design cover
  • Hexagon screwdriver to alter design cover


This was the technique of the previous set of cans, and nothing changed right here. The variations are restricted to the new cable, and the added Pog-like faceplates you could find in the box. That’s it. All the pieces about these headphones outside of these two adjustments is completely identical to the Customized One Pros in every way. Why repair what ain’t broke?

For over-ears, these are very comfy closed-back cans. The y observe most of the very same design pointers as Beyerdynamic’s high-end headphones: A thick headband, leather-based detachable earpads, and a comparatively unassuming detachable cable hung from the left ear cup. The thickly-padded band and large ear cups do a great job of minimizing clamping pressure, permitting you to kick back and hear for long durations of time without discomfort. I will say that users with glasses (or Zapp Brannigan) ought to in all probability look into choosing up Beyerdynamic’s velour ear pads, as they’re far more comfortable with specs—they usually don’t squeak once you move.


You’ll be able to just about decide your poison in the case of the Custom One Pro Plus—even when your Poison is Poison. The re’s a setting for almost everybody, and it’s not possible that you will end up disliking these cans. None of those settings endure from deal-breaker points like high distortion or violent monitoring points. However, no setting is perfect.

You are very rarely going to make use of the primary setting except you discuss on the phone a lot. You are a lot more likely to be bouncing between the last three settings on the cans—the second place shall be passable for users who like a more flat response for mixing (or equalizing), and the fourth place is interesting for bass heads. The third place presents a little bit of a middle floor between the 2 that we can use a lot in the office and is a good setting to make use of for pop and also for classical music with poor leveling of its woodwinds.

beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones with Accessory Kit and Remote Microphone Cable, Black
$195.10 $299.00

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