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Ringtones Music Ringtone Maker: Review And Features

Description of Ringtones Music Ringtone Maker Review

You can easily create custom ringtones with this completely free app! Simply select your favorite iPod song, adjust your ringtone length, and swipe the audio wave to select the perfect clip. The n your ringtone is ready! You can even record, process and ringtone any sound! Incredibly easy and fast!

Key Features:

– Create ringtones from your favorite songs
– Simply control start time and end time
– Precise front lower and rear lower
– Show and hide
– Record your own sounds
– Share your ringtones with friends
– Minimalist user interface designs

Please note: You need to sync with iTunes to get ringtones in your iPhone's settings. It is a uniform technical requirement for all ringtone apps. Do not worry. We offer a graphic tutorial on how to do it easily and quickly!

Download from Itunes

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