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Ringtones – Unlimited Ringtones Maker: Review And Features

Ringtones – Unlimited Ringtones Maker: Review And Features

Description of Ringtones – Unlimited Ringtones Maker Review

All in ONE free RINGTONES app (convert music & record with microphone & use extensive library)

Create, edit and personalize your own ringtones and beeps with this app!

Never pay again for your iPhone ringtones! 20,000 reviews!

We give you unlimited free possibilities!

Highly recommended by thousands of fans around the world!

100% positive feedback and reviews !!! Hundreds of new users per week


▸ Ringtones, text sounds, email alerts, alarm notifications, voicemail alerts, tweet tones and reminder alerts

▸ Create unlimited ringtones

☆ Rich Ringtone collection for endless customization

▸ Simply set the start and end markers

▸ fade in and fade out function

Einstellen Adjust the pitch and volume

▸ Create ringtones from your favorite songs

▸ Personalized melody collections

▸ Edit your own ringtones and tunes

▸ Show and hide effects

▸ Intuitive interface

▸ Check out the most popular and recently added sounds

▸ Highlight favorite sounds while listening

▸ Universal application: once installed, use it on all your devices

Hip-Hop or Electronic, Romantic or Funky, Rock or Animal Sounds – choose the ringtones for your mood or any occasion.

We regularly add new melodies and sounds. Just tap "New" to see the updates!

Download from Itunes

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