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Rival Kingdoms: The Lost City: Review And Features

Description of Rival Kingdoms: The Lost City Review

Build the ULTIMATE base, forge a MIGHTY Kingdom and destroy your enemies in "Rival Kingdoms: The Lost City". A game of EPIC strategy warfare, where only the strongest are eligible for VICTORY!

Team with the "Antikern"; Legendary WARRIORS, GODS and MONSTERS who can harness the power of nature. Use DEVASTATING POWERS to use the battle to your advantage! as

In the single-player campaign, litter the evil powers of "Ruine" or perform a true MMO experience with players from around the world in ADDICTIVE Kingdom Raid mode.

Game features:

* Excellent NEXT GENERATION graphics.
* Revolutionary 300-player RAIDS!
* IMMERSIVE campaign and EPIC story.
* Best in class PVP experience.
* Control all actions in real time!
* NO TRUPPEN TRAINING – go straight into the fight!
* Free download.

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