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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Hands-on : Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Hands-on : Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Introduction

We know since last year that Samsung was planning to create a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 +, and the company confirmed yesterday (20 February). Rightly called the Galaxy S10 5G, it will be Samsung’s first 5G phone when it launches in the second quarter of 2020. This 5G phone will also be huge and irresistible in virtually every dimension. The S10 5G extends the S10 +’s 6.4-inch dynamic AMOLED display with a massive 6.7-inch display. This is by far the biggest Samsung has ever put in a phone, eclipsing even the Galaxy Note 9 6.4 inches.

Although it has been announced alongside the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e, the Galaxy S10 5G will not be available in early March with his siblings; instead, you will have to wait for mobile operators to install their 5G networks in your area.

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is nothing more exact than the wait for “summer” (potentially between June and September) from Samsung. As for the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, it has not been announced, but we expect it to be at the highest.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Design & Display

It is the largest of the group, with a diagonal of 6.7 inches keeping the spacing of 0.3 inches between the different models. Measuring 162.6×77.1×7.9mm, it is actually 0.7mm shorter than the current Note9, but also wider by the same amount. It is remarkably thin for the slab: Note9 has a thickness of 0.9 mm. As for the weight, they barely kept it below 200g, but the 198g seems reasonable for screen size and battery capacity – it contains a power supply of 4 500 mAh.

The power key is located to the right of the handset and is relatively easy to reach, while the volume rocker is above the Bixby key on the left, which gives you quick access to the PDA. from Samsung.

We could not test the latest version of Bixby in our hands-on experience with the Galaxy S10 5G because the handset was in airplane mode and was locked. So you have to wait for our full review to find out how it behaves.

Based on the S10 5G, one of the sides of the centrally located USB-C port is welcome: a headphone jack. The 3.5mm port allows you to plug in your traditional headphones without the need for a tedious adapter easily lost/left at home.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Display

Bringing your attention to the giant display, you will notice that the 19/9 “AMOLED 19/9 inch display is large, bright and has a” punch hole “camera block in the upper right corner. The screen has a QHD + resolution and provides very sharp images. During our time watching the lock screen and using the camera, we did not encounter any obvious problems with this screen.

The screen also presents curves on the edges of the handset, creating the futuristic and familiar finish we are used to on Samsung’s flagship phones. An ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is built into the screen, allowing a clean design on the back of the Galaxy S10 5G (slight camera back) and Samsung says the scanner will work even if your fingers are wet or cold.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Camera

The Galaxy S10 5G differs not only from the rest of the S10 range in size but also from the 5G logo on the back. More importantly, he has a fourth camera in the back. The ultra wide angle, telephoto and standard lenses on the S10 and S10 Plus models are coupled with a fourth ToF camera on the S10 5G to accurately capture 3D depth data. This ToF camera is also present at the front of the standard 10-megapixel selfie camera. Samsung said it would allow augmented reality experiments that are only possible via 5G, although no examples have been presented about what it might look like.

ToF cameras also activate a new feature called Video Live Focus. Because Samsung’s Portrait mode is called Live Focus, it’s a live effect for portrait-mode video, in which a blur is added behind the subject. A new tool called Quick Measure is also available. Although Samsung did not mention what it was doing, we assume it means using the depth camera to get real-world object measurements, like Measure’s Apple app.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Processor & Battery

The full range of Galaxy S10 may include the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, but this is the X50 special modem used in the S10 5G that provides connectivity to 5G networks. Other phones do not use this modem, so they will not work with 5G networks at all. To ensure that the 5G does not cause significant battery depletion – which was a problem for some of the first 4G devices – Samsung has equipped a huge 4,500 mAh battery in the Galaxy S10 5G. To recharge this heavy battery, Samsung also equips the S10 5G with a super fast charge of 25W, so you do not need to wait too long to return to 100%.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – Verdict

The Galaxy S10 5G will certainly be one of the most exciting smartphone launches of 2020 when it will surface. Look forward to our first impressions and the full review closer to publication in late spring or early summer. Its giant screen, abundant power, and storage will probably appeal to seasoned users wanting to board the 5G train as soon as possible, but for most consumers, S10 and S10 Plus better purchase.

Even if 5G arrives in your area this year, it’s likely that coverage will be limited to larger cities, whereas, as we mentioned, this phone (and other similar devices) will be expensive, as will the package. 5G you will need. commit to making the most of its 5G capabilities. Until then, you can view our thoughts on the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 +, which will share a lot with the 5G phone and will arrive in stores earlier, March 8.

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