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Samsung Galaxy S10e Hands-on : Review

Samsung Galaxy S10e- Introduction

The Samsung Galaxy S10e brings the flagship features of the company to a new audience, at a lower price than the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus. Samsung’s Galaxy S range has always rubbed shoulders with Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Pixel smartphones – and matches their exorbitant prices.

So, after Apple decided to expand its flagship range with a less expensive model, it’s no wonder Samsung did the same – but the S10e is not just the iPhone XR for Android. Samsung and Apple phones offer different experiences and features. You will not necessarily be up to it. If you are a hard brand, you will simply wonder if you opt for the S10/S10 Plus, which is fully equipped, or if the S10e is compact enough to justify the reduction.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – Design

At the front, a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED displays with Full HD + resolution. It’s a little fewer pixels than the S9 or even the S9 of last year. However, this is not something you will notice. It’s a quality panel with bright colors and excellent viewing angles. I would go so far as to say that I prefer his flat style to the curved one because it does not let you have super fine edges to grasp.

In the upper corner of the screen is a small circular cutout for the front camera – what Samsung calls an “Infinity O” screen. Other brands, such as Honor, refer to it. In addition, the Galaxy S10e is a smaller version of the other S10 phones, with a front and a glass back sandwiching an aluminum frame. However, its flat screen does not present the exaggerated curved edges of its big brothers. And yes, the hulls of the Samsung Galaxy S10e are a little wider, but the phone is not thicker.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – Display

The S10e features Samsung’s all-new Dynamic AMOLED display and is HDR10 + certified. This means more accurate colors and sharper image quality, but the S10e differs from the S10 and S10 Plus with only Full HD + resolution, unlike WQHD +. However, the screen is smaller at 5.8 inches, so you get a higher pixel density than the S10 Plus (522 pixels per inch versus 438 pixels per inch). It looks colorful – not too saturated, but just right – and clean; I did not notice any immediate difference in quality between the S10e screen and the S10 screen.

The new screen also reduces blue light exposure by 42%, which gives me a bit more peace of mind because capturing blue light at night can impair sleep, which can also affect your health. We will put them to the test, but I hope that the S10e screen will be more than satisfactory for everyone. It’s certainly better than the screen of the iPhone XR, which has a lower resolution, which means it’s not as sharp as the one you’re watching.

Unlike its big brothers, the S10e adopts a flat screen, which means it misses the impressive curves of the most expensive models. The re is also no integrated fingerprint scanner, but Samsung has opted for a capacitive sensor mounted on the side.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has two rear cameras and we will take a closer look if Samsung’s dual shooters are superior to the iPhone XR’s unique camera in our comprehensive review. they could, however, give the S10e a serious advantage, even if it is only useful.

The Galaxy S10e has inherited the S9’s dual-aperture technology, meaning that its 12MP main camera with a 77-degree field of view can switch between f/1.5 for low-light and f/2.4 shots for lighter scenes.

This additional lens is a very wide-angle, 16MP f/2.2 123-degree FOV camera. Given the usefulness of these features for occasional smartphone zoom photography, this is an interesting addition to the S10e arsenal.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – Processor & Battery

As for the battery, the Samsung Galaxy S10e contains a respectable unit of 3,100 mAh. It is smaller than the 3400 mAh battery of the S10 or 4100 mAh, but it should still keep your phone powered all day. It is slightly larger than the S9 battery. gauge. Samsung claims that all its S10 models will reach a battery life of 24 hours.

The Galaxy S10e can be recharged wirelessly with Samsung’s Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 technology, which the company claims faster than standard Qi wireless technology. And what’s really great here is that the phone will also be able to use its own battery to wirelessly charge other Qi compatible devices.

The Galaxy S10e, on paper, matches its more expensive siblings in terms of performance; you’ll find the Samsung Exynos 9820 octa-core 8nm processor (here, at least in Blighty), backed up with 6GB or 8GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB built-in storage; not bad for a so-called “mid-range” device.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – Verdict

The Galaxy S10e is an indispensable addition to Samsung’s flagship line and could, depending on its cost, be an ideal device for those who do not fear flashy features such as the on-screen fingerprint scanner and configuration triple camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is missing some new fun features (and a third camera) from the S10 and S10 Plus. It is therefore presented as a basic flagship phone compared to Samsung’s high-end handsets. But pretend that its more expensive siblings do not exist and that the S10e is a powerful smartphone, filled with advanced specifications and with the bright style of a flagship device.

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