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Samsung HW-J7500 Review

Samsung designed the HW-J7500 to boost the sound from these advanced curved tv’s and complement their sleek look as nicely. With 8 drivers and a wireless subwoofer, this sound bar simulates surround sound in your TV room without taking over a ton of space or trailing wires across the floor. With 320 watts of whole system power, it provides clarity to dialogue, and a bit of extra punch to the action scenes. Plus, this system is also Internet-ready, which suggests you get a variety of wireless audio features, too.

Samsung HW-J7500: Design and Connections

Samsung HW-J7500

Samsung HW-J7500 Design

Samsung has served up very stylish and attractive looking soundbar that is actually designed to go with their curved UHD TVs. In fact, The Samsung HW-J7500 is designed to suit these models: UN55JU7500, UN55JS9000, UN65JS9000, and UN65JS9500, since it can be attached beneath the panel for wall-mounting, or used along with the TV stand.

The looks and build quality of the Samsung HW-J7500 is impressive. The eight speakers are encased in a brushed metallic and plastic casing, with a solid feel to the whole unit. Giving way to extra speakers at either end to additional enhance the surround experience.

On top of the soundbar within the middle you’ve power, source, and volume buttons.  To the rear of the unit, you’ve a USB port, DC input, and pairing buttons for WiFi and speaking pairing. Beneath you’ve a recess with access to numerous other interconnects together with AUX in, LAN, HDMI in, HDMI and Optical in.

The Samsung HW-J7500 comes with a rectangular subwoofer, it is encased in plastic, and the driver has from seven inches, so the proof will be within the listening with this one. Subwoofers are never attractive to look at, hence lots of people hide them in behind sofas and corners, but as silver rectangle subs go, this one is very stylish.

Samsung HW-J7500: Features


Samsung HW-J7500

Samsung HW-J7500 Features

The Samsung HW-J7500 specs mention 8.1 channels. The Samsung HW-J7500 320W total RMS output delivers a full-bodied soundstage in isolation, with loads of warmth and rich detail. the Samsung HWJ7500 should pack sufficient volume to fulfil most AV enthusiasts. If that is not sufficient, you can wirelessly connect extra speakers to create a true 4.1 surround experience, or link extra speakers for multiroom listening.

The re is onboard Dolby Digital decoding and many sound modes to play with, together with Clear Voice, which minimises background noise to make dialogue simpler to hear. The re are Standard, Voice, Music, Sports, Cinema and Night presets, plus a Surround Sound mode. The Samsung supports Dolby Digital and DTS and will decode WAV, AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA, and FLAC.

Samsung HW-J7500: Performance

Samsung HW-J7500

Samsung HW-J7500 Performance

The Samsung HW-J7500 delivered one for the Best efficiency. Like any good soundbar, it restores the sense of scale and presence in film soundtracks that gets lost through weedy TV speakers.

A lot of the credit for this should go to the subwoofer, which adds depth and weight to action location, but the soundbar crisp treble and clear midrange provide snappy effects and audible dialogue. It’s a fun, entertaining hear, filled with energy and vigour, but crucially it does not suffer from distortion or hardness.

The Samsung HW-J7500 does not trip if you crank up the volume. 1 or 2 foibles threaten to spoil the party. Like the Samsung HW-J7500, bass could be tighter and better defined it loses grip when the action gets hectic – but you certainly can not argue that there is not sufficient of it.

Another issue is that the soundbar has restricted bass extension, counting on the subwoofer to do all of the low-frequency heavy liftings. Clearly you would never use the soundbar without the sub, but the upshot of the bar is limited range is that it does not gel as cohesively with the sub as it might.

You may not notice and even care about this stuff and why should you when the sound is this entertaining but if you are serious about sound quality then we really do recommend checking out a few of the ‘straight’ soundbars.

Samsung HW-J7500: Verdict

Samsung HW-J7500

Samsung HW-J7500 Verdict

The Samsung HW-J7500 is simply an average sound bar. the Samsung HW-J7500 slim soundstage and constrained active punch put a damper on our overall impression for a sound bar on this price class.

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