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Sony SRS-X11 Review

Sony is the very old player within the multimedia market. The Sony not too long ago introduced SRS-X11 portable speaker. Sony SRS-X11 is a small size cuboid design speaker with a single 10W driver and two passive radiators. It comes with a number of connectivity options like NFC pairing, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio-in, speakerphone. By itself, the Sony SRS-X11 can only produce mono audio, but it may be paired with another Sony SRS-X11 and support stereo as well as double mono.

Sony SRS-X11: Design

Sony SRS-X11 Design

The Sony SRS-X11 sports a clever design. It comes with a silicon strap, which makes it appear like a fun carry-along speaker which you can hang around your home, your bag, or your wrist. The Sony SRS-X11 dimensions are 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches. This is about as small as it gets for a portable wireless speaker. The rubberized material gives it a nice feel. But it doesn’t seem rugged with its rubbery coat. The build quality is great.

On one side, you’ve buttons for controlling volume, power and calls, the rear has a 3.5mm audio input jack, a reset button and the microUSB connection for charging the speaker’s battery. The re’s additionally an “add” button to link up a few of the speakers to provide better sound.

A small, subtle LED light gives you an indication of power status. And all the thing is out there in a range of colors to suit your personal taste.

Sony SRS-X11: Sound

Sony SRS-X11 Sound

Playing with 2 units of Sony SRS-X11 naturally offers you double the volume, but providing a better stereo sound, the audio balancing remains mid range heavy. You find the Sony SRS-X11 lots better sounding and satisfying. When in comparison with UB+ Eupho, another portable speaker with BuddyStereo mode, the Eupho produces clearer treble and deeper bass.

Sony SRS-X11: Connectivity

Sony SRS-X11 Connectivity

The Sony SRS-X11 uses AUX and Bluetooth to play music.

The SRS-X11 can receive audio from its 3.5mm (AUX) and micro-USB ports, in addition to its wireless capabilities. It has no wired outputs, that means that it can’t pass audio to other units or headphones.

Bluetooth technology is also utilized in wireless speakers, making it by far the most well-liked option for wireless speakers. Usually, Bluetooth streams audio at a lower quality and over much less distance than Wi-Fi based technologies. The Sony SRS-X11 uses Bluetooth v3.0 + HS, which isn’t the latest version, but should be solid for streaming music. The speaker has a Bluetooth range of 33 ft, which is an average. Additionally, it permits for quick pairing utilizing NFC(Near field communication).

Sony SRS-X11: Battery

Sony SRS-X11 Battery

The Sony SRS-X11 packs-in a lithium-ion battery. The speaker has a playback time of 12 hours (50% better than the average) over Bluetooth. Expect it squeeze out another hour with wired connection.

Sony SRS-X11: Performance

Sony SRS-X11 Performance

For its size, this compact speaker from Sony is impressively loud. With volume levels maxed out, it’s hard to imagine that the output is from this tiny thing.

The frequencies are distinguishable. However, it leans on the bass side because of the dual passive radiators. Therefore, it’s a huge plus for you.

Since there is just one driver, the sound is mostly directional. So do not anticipate the sound to be omnidirectional. Two Sony SRS-X11 can be paired to work together. Double-mode, if you simply need loudness, and stereo-mode for quality.

Overall, you definitely happy with this device’s sound output. Do note that the emphasis here is on the dense size though. In the same price-range, the Sony SRS-X11 efficiency is better than different speakers.

Sony SRS-X11: Verdict

Sony SRS-X11 Verdict

The Sony SRS-X11 is a seriously small speaker, it’ll literally fit on the palm of your hand and it is one of the cheapest in Sony’s line-up and the Sony SRS-X11 performance is better, compared with the same price-range speakers.

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