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SushiCulture (iPhone): Review And Features

Description of SushiCulture (iPhone) Review

"Rice" and "fish" are the two basic ingredients when you
Speech about Japanese food and culture.
Sushi is the combination of rice and fish.
Sushi's first appearance in Japanese history was recorded
in the eighth century (Yoro Code). It was not at this time
the taste as well as its ability to be kept for a long time
through the fermentation and salt process.
Nigiri sushi that we see today started in the nineteenth
Century (Edo era).
"I want to eat sushi quickly and comfortably."
Sushi served by food stalls was a big hit through
meet the needs of "Edokko", fast-moving Tokyo clientele.
At that time, sushi chefs became very creative and
Competitive invention of sushi toppings, which we know today.
Sushi symbolizes The Best of craft and Japanese
Let's feel like a true Tokyo and enjoy sushi!

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