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SVS Prime Tower Review

This system is without doubt one of the best boasted a wonderful balance between sound quality and affordability. The show runners within the series are the Prime Towers. As such, we felt it was becoming to review the Towers from the rest of the speaker to see how they perform on their own.

SVS Prime Tower: Design

The SVS Prime Towers measure 36″ (H) X 8″ (W) X 10.8″ (D) and weigh a healthy 40 lbs. The Towers use a 3.5 way design with a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter, a 4.5″ mid-range driver and dual 6.5″ woofers. Each woofer is enclosed in it’s own separate compartment and has totally different crossover points. So as to reduce sonic coloration from standing waves, the mid-range driver is also housed in it is personal sealed enclosure. Based on the specifications of the Prime Towers.

SVS Prime Towers: Performance

For music playback, the Towers are extraordinarily effectively balanced.The y’ve a nice low-end, smooth mid-range and good treble response. We threw a variety of music at the Towers including Various, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Classical and every time we came away impressed. Love Lockdown has a deep bass track working throughout the background. The common speaker has trouble resulting these less frequencies. However, the Towers produced deep exact bass which was never muffled or distorted. Vocals on Headlights track were crisp without being harsh or fatiguing.

Moonlight Sonata displayed the versatility of the Towers. The Egmont Overture is a strong and exciting piece of music that has a large gamut of melodies. The Prime Towers sounded open and airy offering a concert like experience for each pieces.

For movie playback, the Prime Towers were equally impressive. The Towers are rated with a frequency resulting of 30 Hz to 25 kHz. According to our listening tests we would not be shocked if they dip a bit lower than 30 Hz. The Prime Towers have a shocking amount of bass extension for their size. The re are just a few speakers on this price range which have better bass response, however, most do not sound as balanced. The Towers’ show an effortless smooth transition along all frequencies that’s unparalleled on this price range. The movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, has an eclectic sound combine with it is mixture of 70’s tunes and intense actions sequences making for a lively listening expertise. Dialogue was clear and precise, while the mid-range was incredibly smooth and balanced. For the reason that Towers are rear ported, we suggest that you just keep them a number of inches away out of your walls in order to restrict distortion. This is not a major issue, but it surely’s something you need to keep in mind if you’re placing them in your room nonetheless.

Edge of Tomorrow’s opening intro has a low-frequency sweep that probably dips down into the 20Hz rage. On most speakers that is barely audible without the assistance of a subwoofer, however the Towers did an admirable job of broadcasting these low-frequency tones. The y did exhibit slight distortion on the very bottom, but overall we got here away impressed.

SVS Prime Tower: Conclusion

The SVS Prime Towers have that rare combination of good sound quality and affordability. Nice treble response, smooth mid-range and deep accurate bass makes them an ideal selection for each movies and music. The re are different towers out there that provide extra bass, but few can match the accuracy and overall balance of the Prime Towers.


  • Ruddy, authoritative bass
  • Airy, natural sounding upper register
  • Warm, yet luminous midrange
  • Elegant, stylish design (especially with gloss finish)
  • Excellent value


  • Center channel not quite as balanced as we’d like
  • Don’t reach some of the deeper details of dialog and instrumental attack
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