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Taskworld Review of 2020 → Get Most out of Your Team Work

Taskworld Review 2018 → If you a team leader or a business owner then you have landed on a right page as in this post we are going to discuss a service which can help in increasing productivity of a teamwork, through this service you can get most out of your teamwork. In this post we are going to discuss the Taskworld online service which is developed for teamwork, it provides a shared online workspace to members of a team on which they can create different goals, communicate with each other, exchange files, etc. Through it, team members can work on the same goal and can get best results. If we talk about its availability, it can be used directly from Website, and it is also available for different devices like Android and iOS.

More Info about Taskworld

As mentioned above Taskworld is online service which provides a shared workspace to the members of a team, through it, members can create projects and task, they can communicate with each other and can exchange files. And hence can increase they team work performance but How Taskworld works?

Get an answer to this question just by reading below section in which we are discussing its features in details.

1) Task Management: Taskworld provide the same workspace to all members of a team and allows them to work on the same task, or we can say the same goal. Different options are available in the Taskworld which makes task management more effective. Some of these are as follows:

1.    The user can create tasks and set due dates and can assign these tasks to group members.

2.    Users can directly create task through email.

3.    Task points can be used to arrange tasks on the basis of complexity.

4.    Tags and labels can be added to different tasks for easy sorting.

5.    A task can be breakdown into small checklists, and these checklists can be assigned to different group members.

6.    The re is also an option for repeating tasks through which users can set reminders for recurring tasks so that they never miss important recurring tasks.

7.    Same tasks can be assigned to different projects.

8.   Members can communicate with each other with the help of the chatting option available.

9.    The activity log is also maintained to track down all the changes.

2)  The File Management: Proper file management system can result in noticeable improvement in the working of the team, as less time is wasted on searching of important files and it also decreases chances of accidental deletion of important files. Taskworld also comes with good data management system and provide some of the following features:

1.    Files can share just through drag and drop. Users can share files directly to a task, or they can share files directly in through messages.

2.    All files related to a project are organized at one place only hence there is no need to check different emails and tasks to find out all the files related to the same project.

3.    Taskworld account can also be integrated with other 3rd party online data storing platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. And users can directly share files from these platforms.

3) Report: Analysing the progress of projects is always good and with different options provided by Taskworld analyzing has become a very easy task.

1.    Through the Interactive dashboard, users can get an overview of all the projects. Through it, users can get details about the specific project and can dig out into more details.

2.    Project overview can help in tracking down the total progress of the project work.  It also tracks down the amount of work left, days left, etc.

3.    Project analyses can be done in different ways like with the help of burns up charts or with the help of task lists overview, etc.

4) Security: World class security has been provided to Taskworld users. Taskworld uses Amazon servers with high-class data encryption to which is done to eliminate any type of security threat. Regular backup of database takes place to ensure that there is no loss to users data in any case.


15 days free trial period is available after that users have to go with paid service, you can choose your plan according to your requirement. Here are some more details about it have a look.

Our Thoughts

We are using Taskworld from last one week and have noticed some pros and cons while using it. Let us discuss some of these pros and cons with our readers.


1) Smooth User Interface.

2) 15 Days free trial.

3) Good Task and File Management.

4) Highly secure.

5) Excellent customer care

6) Apps for both Android and iOS


1) No Client tools for Laptops.

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