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The Little Children’s Bible Books iPhone version: Review And Features

The  Little Children’s Bible Books iPhone version: Review And Features

Description of The Little Children’s Bible Books iPhone version Review

This app contains 24 books for young children, 40 pages per title, illustrated by bestselling illustrator José Perez Montero. Beautiful color pictures with a touch of humor. Each book costs $ 1.99, but you can purchase all 24 books at the discounted price of $ 39.99 or the Old Testament books with 16 volumes at the discounted price of only $ 27.99 or the New Testament books with 8 volumes buy reduced price of only $ 13. 99. Take a look at the free sample book, watch the video, hear the story read or record your own voice, translate it into other languages, or tell your own story.

Follow the little narrative animal and observe how Noah builds the ark or heals Jesus sick people! Children will have fun listening to the stories and winking, winking, jumping, roaring or doing many of the other things the stories tell. This bible offers forty-page learning fun with interactive features and sounds.

The Little Children's Bible Books are the first step in getting children interested in the Bible. Short sentences, small words, few details and a small smile make this a very special digital book series for 3-7 years. The se 24 volumes contain 24 stories for preschoolers, beginning with "God makes the world" and ending with "Paul." It is illustrated by José Pérez Montero and retold by Anne de Graaf.

Children can choose:
to read the story itself.
to read the story aloud.
to record their own voice and become a narrator (or ask someone to do it for them!).
Enjoy the animated book with exciting stories, sound effects and music.

This series has sold millions of copies in over 24 different languages ​​around the world.

The little children's bibles, 24 titles
• God makes the world (FREE DOWNLOAD)
• Noah and the ark
• The Tower of Babel
• Abraham
• Joseph
• Joshua
• Gideon
• Elijah
• Jonah
• Esther
• Daniel
• The first Christmas
• Jesus' miracle
• children and Jesus
• Jesus stories
• The first Easter

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