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Toddler Games and Abby Puzzles for Kids: Age 1 2 3: Review And Features

Description of Toddler Games and Abby Puzzles for Kids: Age 1 2 3 Review

Presented by 22LEARN, the creator of Abby Basic Skills Preschool – winner of the Parents & # 39; Choice Awards.

Explore the kingdom of animated puzzles and bring puzzles to life with this colorful, interactive app for all playful babies and toddlers.

EXPLORATION, PLAY, FUN, and development of FINE-MOTOR SKILLS, this is Kingdom of Animated Puzzles, an app for the most smart experiences!

Young learners compose puzzles with beautifully hand-drawn animal, plant and vehicle themes and are rewarded with animation or a small interactive game after completing the puzzles.

The application was developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, creator of the selling Abby Basic Skills app, in collaboration with educational experts to ensure that the application is suitable for this particular age category as possible.

Its kid-friendly interface is very simple and does not contain any complicated menus. Just slide the button right to go forward, or slide it left to go back!

As soon as you press the button first, you will be presented with many funny little activities.

Tap on one of them and have fun. How about typing and playing the xylophone? Or knock on the ice and eat it? Hmm, yummy, yum! And much more!


* 8 thematic categories:
– farm animals
– Zoo animals
– Amazing xylophone
– Ice cream
– Vehicles I
– Vehicles II
– Flowers I
– Flowers II

* Over 25 hand-drawn animated illustrations and small activities
– Make the puzzle and watch a plant to grow!
– Eat an ice cream!
– Play the xylophone!
– Watch out for the lion!

* Several high quality background tunes

* Intuitive, kid-friendly interface

Give your baby or toddler the best. Give them the kingdom of animated puzzles.

We're sure the Kingdom of Animated Puzzles, with its simple, kid-friendly and responsive interface, will provide a fun learning experience your kids will enjoy for the days ahead.

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