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Toddler kids games ABC learning for preschool free: Review And Features

Toddler kids games ABC learning for preschool free: Review And Features

Description of Toddler kids games ABC learning for preschool free Review

Developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the selling apps for children, in collaboration with educational specialists, to prepare your children for the pre-school and kindergarten curriculum.

Preschool curriculum in a lovable alien-themed app. Land UFOs, explore alien lands, soak up space, save the aliens, and more. This fun educational preschool adventure will whisk you out of this world to begin a learning journey. Enjoy tracking letters, shapes and numbers with aliens; or play 6 exciting mini-games to learn names of shapes, letters, numbers, and colors.


==== TRACE with ALIENS ====

* Uppercase
* Lowercase letters
* To form
* Numbers 1-10
* Numbers 10-20
* Numbers 1-100

==== Learn in 6 FUN MINI GAMES ====

* Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, shapes, colors, numbers 1-10, numbers 1-100
* Mini-games include both Matching and Recognition activities

1. Feed the aliens. – The cute little alien babies are hungry! Can you pull the flowers with the correct symbol to feed them?

2nd country UFOs. – The shiny UFOs come to the landing. Land the UFOs to their proper landing grounds.

3. Join the Space Dots. – Connect the points in alphabetical or numerical order. Can you guess who is hiding behind the dots?

4. Color the aliens. – Have fun learning with this special interactive coloring book. Crack the code to color the image.

5. Suction the room. – Run our fancy vacuum cleaner to clean the planet!

6. Adjust the planets. – Who hides behind the planet? Remember the pictures and customize them to help aliens get home!



* Uppercase
* Lowercase letters
* Numbers 1-100
* To form
* To dye
* Fine motor skills
* Memory skills

==== FEATURES ====

+ Interactive interactive mini-games on the subject of space
+ Professional animations, voice-over and sound effects
+ Colorful child friendly design
+ Developed in collaboration with teachers and parents

The aliens and other crazy space beings are waiting for it. Time to learn! Prepare your kids for success with this fun and quirky 22learn App!

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