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Tonester – Download ringtones and alert sounds for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Tonester – Download ringtones and alert sounds for iPhone Review

Tonester is the # 1 downloader for ringtones and alert tones for your phone.

5 APPS in 1
* Ringtones
* Alerts (wake-up call, new email, new text, new voicemail, etc.)
* Caller ID tones (your mother is calling!)
* SMS ID tones (your friend just wrote you an SMS)
* Ringtone Maker (convert your favorite songs into ringtones or alerts)

* Download as many as you like
* Share with friends too!
* Totally free

(1) hundreds of ringtones
* We have recorded The Best ringtones
* Funny ringtones, relaxing ringtones, music ringtones, sound effects of all kinds!

* Perfect if you receive a new text, a new e-mail or a new voicemail
* Wake-up sounds too!
* Calendar / terminal arm also sounds

(3) Caller ID tones
* Hear the name of every person who calls you
* Set your iPhone to show the NAME of each caller
* Different voices to choose from
* Safe / convenient if your phone is out of reach

* Set your iPhone to tell the NAME who just sent the last text
* Safe / convenient if your phone is in your pocket / purse

(5) Create ringtones from your music (free bonus)
* Create ringtones of your favorite songs
* Also make new text sounds
* Write down everything to create your own ringtones / alerts
* Create extra long 40 second ringtones
* Easy to use
* What's your favorite song? Create a ringtone for free today and save money!

* Soft, quiet sounds for professional work environments
* Relaxing sounds are ideal for wake-up calls
* Crazy cartoon characters
* Extra loud ringtones
* Classical piano melodies
* Sci Fi / Nerd sounds
* Hilarious ringtones that will make you laugh
* Simple short tones – perfect for new text messages

Download from Itunes

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