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Watch Fioptics for iPhone: Review And Features

Watch Fioptics for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Watch Fioptics for iPhone Review

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a TV! As a Fioptics TV customer, you can watch TV from anywhere in your home. Watch your favorite 80 channels on your tablet or smartphone in every room in your home when connected to your home wireless network!

– If you're a Fioptics TV subscriber, the FREE Fioptics TV app turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod into another TV screen and lets you watch TV while connecting to your home wireless network
– Watch your favorite cooking show in the kitchen, watch the game from your patio, and enjoy the morning news at breakfast
– Browse the interactive program guide for up to 14 days
– Get program descriptions, cast & crew information, and parent ratings for each program
– Set up your favorites to filter the guide for the channels you see most often
– Search for your favorite TV shows or movies
– Watch the mini guide while watching TV to quickly change channels or see what else is going on

– Subscription to the Fioptics TV video service
– Connected to Cincinnati Bell wireless (WiFi) internet network for live streaming service
– Cincinnati Bell My account and password
– iOS 8+

NOTE: The availability of channels depends on which video package you have subscribed to. If you're having trouble signing into your account, please visit

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