Indias Supreme Court strips Universal ID scheme of its overreach but retains its essence

More new technology for the old India

A few days ago, the Supreme Court in India made a decision on the effectiveness of the Aadhaar Act of 2016. Perhaps the most important law aimed at controlling nearly all aspects of the Indian ID and its accompanying daily life of biometrics is iris scanning and fingerprints. Two major parties in BJP and Congress, India, quickly asserted that the decision was a victory for themselves and all the Indians. BJP was looking forward to a decision to justify the amendment of the law that was abandoned by the administration of the former UPA.

Also, new data leaks occurred in Aadhaar, Indian National Identity Database

What is Aadhaar?

It is useful to understand the details of the decision and what it means for the BJP government, businesses and Indians to understand what Aadhaar is and why it caused a crazy argument about India .

Also, the head of the telecommunications regulatory authority in India will begin a public challenge to hack personal data

As mentioned earlier, this system was established by the former assembly (UPA) and was transferred to the right-wing nationalist Balatya Yanata party led by Prime Minister Narendra Moderd who held power in 2016. When the UPA launched the program, the BJP government who advocated strong criticism against it inherently made it a heritage.

Arm developed from octopus

Initially it was a good idea to use the program and its 12 digit identification number to reduce corruption, bring the process of delivering public goods to the poor and the poor, and rational practices. A public distribution system that requires urgent cleaning involves censuring subsidies such as grain and oil through intermediaries.

Furthermore, India's universal digital ID program has serious flaws, critics and others

However, almost all night, the scope of the program expanded as an octopus arm. Not only was it necessary for nearly 100 government systems, it was rapidly mandatory for all sorts of other things. Would you like to open a bank account? Please enter your Aadhaar number. Do I need a SIM card for your mobile phone? Aadhaar, please. How do you enroll in the school? Flight tickets Do you know the answer …

Hope you like the news Indias Supreme Court strips Universal ID scheme of its overreach but retains its essence. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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