Inflatable sex doll and Xbox controller are changing games

A crowd gathers in the northeast of Melbourne, Australia.

Welcome to Bar SK, a meeting place for local game developers and players. It sounds like a Jackson Pollock video game or a disturbed landscape. In one corner, the mannequin with horse's head is covered with light. Another one is an Xbox controller and an arcade stick. There are hundreds of hand-drawn figures on the wall.

SK bar is special tonight. It will host a new exhibition "Artworld Videogames" celebrating the independent experimental video game and the cultural relationship between New York and Melbourne.

Here, game critic, developer, professor, Robert Yan of his video game research at the New York University game center offers his latest video game. It is masculinity, homosexuality, barculture, sports game. It is controlled by an inflatable doll. He is called "Ruck Me" and is the first game of Australian football for homosexuals. In fact, it is probably the first time of a homo erotic sports game.

The ginger bar vibrates with the sound of the body. For the most part, fill the bar wall with the image of a sportsman hitting an elliptical ball, gather around the projection screen which attacks the waist and jumps into the air. In front of the screen, a real size inflatable male doll is placed face down. Customers drink by hand, talk to each other, laugh, smile. Whether you are in any bar or anywhere in the world.

Well, except for sex dolls.

The game seems to start.

In front of the bar, a yellow letter covering the Australian soccer game exploded on the wall, illuminating the crowd.

Gay experience as a digital system

Robert Yang is somehow celebrity in this circle – it may underestimate her. His games are popular, and reputation is highly appreciated …

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Inflatable sex doll and Xbox controller are changing games

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