Installation rate for iOS 12 slightly trailing iOS 11 in first 48 hours after release

According to data from analyst firms, one of 10 iOS devices has been updated to bring iOS 12 to work within 48 hours after release, and the adoption rate is slightly lower than the previous version . , IOS 11

When a new version of iOS is released, users are usually flooded by purchasing as an updated version of an existing iPhone or iPad, or purchasing a new iPhone following the company's event in September. According to the data collected by analytical company Mixpanel, the initial results of the publication follow the wear path for the facility.

According to Mixpanel's iOS adoption chart, 2.8% of all iOS devices measured by the company installed iOS 12 on September 17 released. It is not clear what time the data is being counted and there is a possibility that someone who installed the beta version on the previous day may be included, and the chart suggests 1.13% of all the devices.

About 24 hours after the release, the installation of iOS 12 reached 7.83%, and the next day it reached 10.38%.

On iOS 11, it was found that it occupied 1.58% of the device on September 18, 2017 the day before release, increased from 4.14% on release date to 11, 29%, 15.91%. Two days after launch. In face value, this indicates that iOS 12 is running slower than the previous version.

The reliability of the data is not clear, as details such as daily aggregation timing may affect the reported results. Ambiguity. Nevertheless, at least, it is shown that the installation level of iOS 12 and iOS 11 is almost the same as at least immediately after release.

Based on data collected by iPhones connected to the App Store and other business services, Apple occasionally publishes renewal updates, making it very accurate. According to the latest survey announced on September 3 with its own achievements, iOS 11 accounted for 85% of all iOS compatible devices, but iOS 10 was 10%.

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