Intel, Alibaba launch a joint edge computing platform

Intel and Alibaba announced a set of solutions for "data-centric" computing, including launching a common computing platform on Thursday. This announcement took place at the Alibaba Yunqi 2018 Conference in Hangzhou, China.

The new platform is an open architecture that integrates Intel's software, hardware, and AI technology with Alibaba Cloud IoT products.

Intel currently manufactures various AI accelerators such as processors, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and Movidius Vision Processing Units (VPU). The AI ​​technology also includes OpenVINO, a toolbox for bringing computer vision and detailed learning reasoning to peripheral vision applications.

The new Edge Computing Platform uses computer vision and AI to convert data to state-of-the-art technology. The platform can be customized to the specific IT needs of various markets, such as industrial manufacturing, smart building, smart community etc.

According to Alibaba and Intel, recently introduced in Chongqing refinement · Yumei · die casting factory (Yumei) factory, we were able to improve defect detection speed five times compared to manual detection.

In addition to investing in IoT, Alibaba is launching a new AI-based semiconductor subsidiary and embedded processor to support IoT activities.

Apsara Stack Industry Alliance has been formed in addition to jointly launching common computer platforms Edge, Intel and Alibaba. Apsara Stack is described as a stack of cloud services including large data, middleware, security, and IaaS. Its core engine is the same platform as Alibaba Cloud and can be implemented in customer data centers as a hybrid or private cloud. The new alliance plans to focus on building an ecosystem of Apsara Stack's hybrid cloud solution, especially for small and medium enterprises.

The company also announced at the 11/11 "Singles Day" world festival to test the next generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor and Intel 's next Optane DC Persistent Memory.

In addition, Intel is helping to provide a realistic cloud technology OBS, Alibaba is launching for the Olympic cloud broadcasting platform.

Both companies are also cooperating in intelligent transport ….

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