Interruption of five takeaway SF on AI's state –

Promises of artifacts Intelligence is huge, but the roadmap to achieve these goals is not yet clear. On the stage, in the drama SF, a part of the AI ​​'s leading heart shared the way of thinking on current market competition, a way to prevent algorithms from perpetuating the future of racial differentiation and human interaction. -machine.

Disrupt There are five points on the status of IA from SF 2018:

1. US companies will face many obstacles when heading for China to expand AI

Sinnovation's CEO, Kai-Fu Lee (Photo: / Devin Coldewey)

The dramatic increase in China's attention to AI is documented and it is impossible to ignore these days. By major firms such as Alibaba and Tencent investing hundreds of millions of dollars in local companies, US companies are growing less and less growing in China. AI investor and Sinnovation's CEO Kai-fu Lee called China "Parallel universe" In the United States for AI development

"We should think about electricity," said Lee, who led Google. Entry to China. Thomas Edison and American Americans inventors invented these things and made a generous share. Traditional business, internet, value of all types; # 39; space.

"Chinese entrepreneurs' ecosystem is huge, so today is the most valuable Chinese company in computer vision, speech recognition and drone.

2. AI bias is a new face of old problems

San Francisco, California – September 7: Professor Ken Goldberg of the University of Berkeley, Tim Nitt Gable, researcher at Google AI, Chris Atgeka, founder and CEO of UCOT, Dave Bean Coldway, September 2018 7th Moscone Center Moderator San Francisco, California. (Photo courtesy: Kimberly White / Getty Images)

AI promises to increase …

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Interruption of five takeaway SF on AI's state -

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