iOS 12 is so good on older iPhones that people are rethinking their iPhone XS upgrades

Here is a tour of events where most people probably do not see things coming. Apple's biggest hurdles for the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR smart phone turned out to be not competition, not competition with competitors.

The launch of Apple's next-generation iPhone has been lined up in 2018 for the second consecutive year and the first wave came this weekend. Pre-order for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max began last Friday and since last week's announcement there have been many positive talks about mobile phones over social networks. But something interesting happened. Apple has released an iOS 12 update. Please remember that iPhone users say they feel new things. This reduces the possibility that new iPhone models will come up. Well, it turned out exactly what it was going to do.

It's obviously too early to know how this will affect sales, but this year it's definitely iOS 12 makes people think twice before moving to the new iPhone.

Apple's iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the most expensive smartphones ever, and some Apple fans deny the idea of ​​spending a large amount of money on new mobile phones as soon as Apple's price is announced ing. The cheapest iPhone XS costs more than $ 1000, paying taxes and the most expensive iPhone XS Max will cost $ 1,500 or more with tax. Even those with large disposable income are difficult medications to swallow.

The fact that Apple's new iPhone does not have really good features makes things even more difficult. Of course, it is faster and more powerful than the previous generation iPhone model. Of course, the quality of the camera and the life of the battery were improved. However, all "S" updates made before iPhone XS introduced at least one new feature were Touch ID, exle on iPhone 5 and 3D Touch on iPhone 6. There is no such thing as iPhone XS, there are better specifications, better performance, and a larger version now called "Max".

However, cake icing came on Monday when Apple released the long-awaited iOS 12 update.

Apple's iOS 11 software has been plagued by the problem since it was released last autumn. Bugs and security flaws were common, and the software had RAM management capabilities …


Hope you like the news iOS 12 is so good on older iPhones that people are rethinking their iPhone XS upgrades. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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