iOS 12 just fixed the most annoying thing about the iPhone X

If you are a user of iPhone X, it is probably one of the most boring things, probably due to the annoying screenshots. If there is a home button on the iPhone, it will not be a pain because you do not do accidental screenshots. However, iPhone X has a way to simultaneously press the volume up button and the standby.

When you wake up, it turns out that many people mistakenly press these buttons, especially while you are on the phone. This is because the two buttons are more or less symmetrical and can support them from time to time, whether you like or not. Sometimes I take undesirable screen captures, but I will not suffer from this particular suffering. The opposite happens more frequently. Instead of taking a screenshot, turn off the screen.

To return to accidental screen capture, the problem is resolved in iOS 12. In other words, you need to discover problems on all 2018 iPhones, such as iPhone XS and XS Max, not iPhone X. This is because all three people have no home button. That is to use the same new combo button to take a screenshot.

On iOS 12, we know that screen capture should not be performed when the phone is locked and the screen is idle. Internal business It reminds me of all the features of iOS 12 beta.

This does not mean that you have a phone and do not say you stop taking a coincident screenshot while you are using it, but the Photos application will not overflow with myriad capture 39 not. Random screen lock screen.

Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR


Hope you like the news iOS 12 just fixed the most annoying thing about the iPhone X. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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