iPhone 7 – Everything we know so far about Apple’s biggest 2016 Product

With the iPhone SE behind us, people who didn’t jump on the new 4-inch iPhone are now looking to the fall if Apple is predicted to introduce its next-generation smartphone with the iPhone 7. Or at least we’re calling it until things become official, and from the sounds of the latest rumors and reports, there’s a much more up in the air than just the device’s name when it becomes a new design, features and more.

iphone 7

One feature that will surely be a talking point for the new device is the lack of a headphone jack, we have reflected could come for enough. In 2014, Apple introduced support for headphones over its Lightning cable back.

It could allow for different advancements in the device— a thinner design or extra space for various new components, for example– and that’s something Apple would surely talk up.

Now that we’re getting closer to launch this fall, we have a much better idea of what the next iPhone will look like. Here’s what we know.

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iPhone 7

The iPhone 6 Plus being the 8th and the next generation Apple phone isn’t the 7th one in line though it’s called the iPhone 7. Apple already has three various sized phone in the market, which belong to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series. We are hoping that the iPhone 7 series will include all the three sizes. However, Apple outdid itself with the iPhone 6. It was too large of the iPhone 5 size; Apple is making their iPhone 7 similar to the size of the iPhone 5.


iphone 7

The iPhone 7 may be thin as an iPod touch at around 6mm and that it may also lose the camera bump design versus the earlier generation. The lack of headphone jack will improve the design of the device lightly. However, with all of that, the device is predicted to be overall just like the iPhone 6s design.

Release Date

Apple has a liking for a month of September. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2013, iPhone 6 in September 2014 and the expected release date of the iPhone 7 is supposed to be September 2016. So we can expect less interesting changes in each iPhone. The iPhone 7 will arrive in September.

iPhone 7 price

With all these excellent features, I can expect the price of iPhone 7 is 800-900 USD depending upon totally different areas and GB memory. At this point, it’s pretty hard to predict which carrier may have the privilege. With a contract, the consumer will have to spend a couple of hundred dollars.

Waterproof Body

Apple, famous for doing a step ahead when it comes to technology, is rumored to coat their latest iPhone 7 with PACVD, on the inside, thus making it resistant to moisture. Hence Apple would no longer have to make a water tight casing for the device. The truth that that is being achieved in the production stage is going to supply us with a stronger smartphone.

Screen Size

iphone 7

The iPhone 6 screen size is 4.7-inch  has by far been the most liked screen size among all the Apple iPhones. The 4-inch screen of iPhone 5 is a tiny bit small. But it surely’s illogical to believe that Apple is going to have a new iPhone with only one screen size. Let’s just wait and watch.

Processor & RAM

It’s been said that Samsung is trying again to become the single producer of the Apple processors. iPhone 7 with 14-nanometer design chip which is going to be smaller but a much more powerful. However, we do want that Apple designs its chip like all of the A class chips of the past. Side by side we also hope they’re a 1Gb and 2Gb RAM. Most people are unable to upgrade to iOS 8 due to the insufficient storage present in the iPhone 5 i.e. 16GB. The fact that entry degree merchandise have insufficient space for a software program up gradation means that you just want to supply a larger storage, and that’s what Apple has in mind for the iPhone 7.

3D Display

iPhone 7 is going to make sure that you’re capable of watching 3 D without the help of any glasses with its naked eye 3 D display.

Wire-free Life

As the pressing problem at hand are the battery and frequent charging of the smartphones. It’s planning to offer the users with a wire-free charging facility.


If the Apple keeps its promise, then we can expect a smartphone camera with “DSLR-quality imagery. We are expecting that the iPhone 7 is going to be even better as it’s most likely going to eliminate image blur.

Battery life

One of the main issues that want developing when it comes to the smartphones is the case that they run out of battery quite simply. Apple has already received plenty of requests to improve the battery life of the iPhones. Apple followers are hoping that the iPhone 7 may have an impressive battery life.


iphone 7

There’s not much news about it however since new iPhone are launched with latest iOS. So iPhone 7 will go to feature new OS i.e.

If we talk about the screen size, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen size is 4.7 and 5.5 individually. The new iPhone screen size is 5.8 with OLED display. As far as the camera is a concern, iPhone 7 will sport improved 13-megapixel main iSight cameras with 8-megapixel secondary one.


  1. You may convert the home button into a joystick which is a pretty cool idea. However, it may be a very far-fetched one.
  2. The iPhone 7 is supposed to have wi-fi charging facilities and is expected to be available with a new type of convertible charger.
  3. The iPhone 7 software is also to be upgraded to the iOS 9.
  4. Rumors say that there’s going to be face recognition to activate the device and touch recognition is going to reduce the need for the home button, giving more space for the screen.

We hope you enjoyed the article iPhone 7: Everything we know so far about Apple’s biggest 2016 product. Stay tuned for more Updates.

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