iPhone hidden map is tracking your location!!

iPhone is the best device runs on iOS has several features that ensure your security and safety.As we know already iPhone is only the device that runs in iOS.We are frequently using our locations is several apps which are necessary in this busy world, Location helps to find the exact place and used in navigation.

But Apple has incorporated a hidden feature inside the map which is used currently for tracking for location.Anyway, it’s a good feature that ensure the safety, but if your device is hacked it will become the worst feature.

How are you getting tracked?

According to Apple corporation the tracking location not sent to the Apple server, it is only stored locally on the device.

Disabling this feature on your iPhone:

1.Settings in your iPhone or iPad

2.Go to Privacy

3.Tap Location Services

4.Scroll to bottom then System Services

5.Again scroll to bottom, tap on Frequent Locations

6.In this screen Frequent Locations to the Off position


This feature helps to identify how much you spend in the particular location.Apple added the option to prevent this feature, so it will clear clears your GPS history on the map and you will be disappeared from the location grid

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