iPhone Is The Smartphone Of Choice For Most American Teens

According to a survey by investment firm Piper Jaffray, the iPhone is in the hands and pockets of more than 80% of US teenagers. According to the study with teen takes study, the impact on adolescents will continue to increase with 86% of them. The results of the survey on the iPhone were sent by Michael Olson to customers in a note that Philip Elmer-DeWitt received a copy of and published on his blog Apple 3.0

Of the 8,500 respondents, 82% said they have an iPhone. According to Michael Olson of Piper Jaffray, these results are the highest ever recorded by the iPhone in the survey.

The apple has the highest score among teenagers' smartphones. About 16% have an apple and 23% intend to buy one. Of course, every Elmer Dewitt blog ends with a "My Take" paragraph that provides a useful perspective.

"The six-monthly survey" Stocking Stock, "" Teenage Adolescency Scores "is more inspired by well-attended school districts and may not suit the entire American population," he said, "but stay tuned."

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