iPhone selfies look good on the iPhone XS. Maybe too good, some say

The iPhone XS and its front camera are supposed to help owners make better self-portraits. However, some people think iPhone's self-service is superior to himself.

The user accesses an Internet forum such as Reddit and asks whether Apple has added an unpublished beauty filter to the front camera of iPhone XS and XS Max. The latest iPhone has a self check for old XS and handset in order to demonstrate that there are more deep pixels and more than improved portrait mode.

Users of Reddit have nicknamed a new mystery "Beautygate".

IPhone's self is never very beautiful

Comparative photograph shows incomplete blur, rose hue on the skin, slight painting shine.

There are many explanations.

One of them thought that pink skin shows how the new sensor captures warm colors or is it a smart HDR? One Reddit says that there are slight differences in self-money with disabled features.

In this comparison, a series of interesting theories on Reddit about iPhone XS front camera was announced.
Photo: chemicalsam / Reddit

Beauty filter theory, with Reddit MacRumors The forum was held on the last day.

YouTube channel organizer, Lewis Hilsenteger Unbox TherapyIt was my first time to see critically about the XS front camera.

"Is it my skin?", He asks away from the camera with a recent video. "I am living more than usual, there are few zombies, I do not know whether to trust him.

Several joke about Reddit on the theme "Beautygate".
Screen capture: Reddit

Android phones including Samsung Galaxy have introduced a beauty filter with a smartphone camera, but Apple is away from these devices. There are many applications that filter ugly ones.

Why is iPhone XS self-service very good?

The cute face you did not know was the result of the new mobile phone noise reduction technology.

Apple responded to the needs of low-light cameras. Digital noise occurs when the camera sensor tries to record available light. In some cases, the area of ​​the scene is very dark, and the sensor captures stray electrical signals and can become color particles.

A competent photographer of software such as Photoshop and Lightroom can reduce the noise of images with a series of sliders …

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