iPhone XR, XS, XS Max: Apple's three new iPhones are $ 749, $ 999, $ 1,099

Yesterday, Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max And iPhone XR. These three new iPhones in 2018 officially replace the iPhone X including Apple I was pulled from his shop. After the announcement. If you are looking for a new "IPhone X" this year, you need one of these three. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have virtually the same gut, but the two sizes are different, but the iPhone XR is a cheap and versatile mobile phone and there are some compromises. XR brings significant changes to Apple's strategy by replicating the "market" phone in the high-end iPhone mix.

iPhone XR comes with a minimum capacity of 799 dollars, iPhone XS from $ 999 (like iPhone X from last year), XS Max's 64GB model is $ 1,099. Every time you jump to internal storage, prices go up from there. Instead of breaking the $ 1,000 cap, rather than Apple 's state – of – the art mobile phone, two of these new iPhones are now beginning with a higher or higher number. That's how Apple tests people's motivation High end mobile phone rise.

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Apple is already experimenting with an inexpensive iPhone. iPhone SE And iphone 5cBut their design does not last, unlike the traditional iPhone. Here, the cheap iPhone XR shares the same design and many designs with the top level iPhone. It is available in light colors and has light weight features such as smaller batteries than the new iPhone XSes. Price is most attractive …

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iPhone XR, XS, XS Max: Apple's three new iPhones are $ 749, $ 999, $ 1,099

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