iPhone XS and XS Max: best features and worst features

Apple announced the updated iPhone every year yesterday, showing three models that were not revolutionary in the evolution of hardware and design, given the standard upgrade, but Apple's range is greatly shaking. On the other hand, iPhone X has disappeared completely like the old model iPhone with headphone jack. Instead, I have a new iPhone XS. This is a slightly larger version of Apple 's bezelless smartphone, which was released for the first time at $ 999 last year. And now there is a larger version of iPhone XS Max. It is the biggest screen I have ever seen from Apple.

The third cell phone announced yesterday, iPhone XR complicates the conversation. This device is available in 6 light colors including Project RED version and canary yellow version. It also has all the same internal components as more expensive variants and frameless displays. However, from a price point of view, it is designed to replace last year's iPhone 8. XR is equipped with LCD instead of OLED. Also, the camera has a rendering system instead of the iPhone XS dual purpose system carried over from last year's model.

The choices are not easy. Both XS and XR have trade-offs and trade-offs involved. Understanding the elements of the most expensive Apple device you like or do not like helps make more informed decisions about the model that suits you. We are breaking some of some of the best features of the flagship XS model …

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iPhone XS and XS Max: best features and worst features

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