iPhone XS LTE speeds up to 266 percent faster than iPhone X, early test reveals

For the release of iPhone XS, the first speed test can be expected from LTE speed among major operators. According to the results of SpeedSmart.net, iPhone XS and XS Max will benefit from last year's refinement of iPhone X.

Among the top three companies of AT, T, Verizon and T-Mobile-AT, T seems to be the fastest at an average download speed of 72.24 Mbps. This number is compared with the average speed of 27.67 Mbps recorded on iPhone X.

Verizon was the second fastest in this test, with an average download count of 62.20 Mbps, 26.08 Mbps. T-Mobile is third in comparison with 59.92 Mbps for iPhone XS and 29.82 Mbps for iPhone X.

As long as concerns are raised, the new iPhone XS and XS Max have an average download speed of 233% across all three networks.

The download speed was slightly impressive. T-Mobile recording of iPhone XS was 19.35 Mbps, iPhone X 12.22 Mbps. Verizon and AT reached 16.10 Mbps and 14.88 respectively. Compared to 10.92 Mbps and 10.28 Mbps,

Vote It is already taken I used the SpeedSmart Speed ​​Test application of iPhone X, XS, XS Max from September 12th to 16th. Results were limited due to small size, but the results are visible. .

Significantly improved data transfer statistics are derived from the new Gigabit-class LTE with MIMO 4 × 4 and LAA technology. iPhone X supplied 2 × 2 MIMO using two FCPB LCPs and iPhone 8 series used one LCP module. The integration of the MIMO 4 × 4 standard with iPhone XS and XS Max provides significantly improved bandwidth that can support higher throughput.

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