iPhone XS Max crushes Galaxy Note 9 in the speed test we’ve been waiting for

Earlier this week, we saw a whole new iPhone XS Max competing with Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 at the beginning of many speed tests. The result is clear, iPhone XS Max executed almost all the tasks presented in the test faster than note 9. However, the tests themselves were quite scary. Various people perform these tests in different ways, but the tests used by this particular blogger were not the most scientific we have seen. In fact, the full test was only useful in that Apple 's new iPhone was much faster than Android' s best flagship product, but gave a good idea of ​​not providing any data. Real. If you need the data, the speed test you waited eventually arrived.

There are so many YouTube users doing these fancy speed tests, there is no scientific thing. But what's always in the vicinity is a YouTube conversation named PhoneBuff. The methodology he designed is the best way to compare the actual performance of two different phones.

PhoneBuff opens a series of applications in the same order on each phone while programming the first 'trick'. In some cases, certain functions such as opening a spreadsheet in Excel are also executed. This shows how fast each phone can open complex applications and perform critical tasks. Next, reopen each application in the background and run a second "trick" to test the speed at which each phone loads the RAM application. Also, in this latest version of the "PhoneBuff style" speed test, we used robots during testing to control each phone, eliminating human error.

Again, this is not a scientific test. Android and iOS apps do not have the same code and each mobile phone runs in the background in a completely different process occupying a different amount of resources. In another aspect of the coin, this is not really important to the end user in fact. If you are using all phones with real phone, the performance is actually very good.

Let's see how to compare these two phones with paper.

Image Source: PhoneBuff, YouTube

As you can see, Galaxy Note 9 has twice as much RAM as iPhone XS Max. In addition, Samsung's latest UFS 2.1 flash memory chip is also carried. On the other hand, the iPhone XS Max has a new 7nm A12 Bionic chipset. How it works with both mobile phones …


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