iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 drop test: Apple’s phone doesn’t crack under pressure

This is a battle between the two of the biggest smartphones on the market, but the YouTube expert PhoneBuff Drop test is against the new iPhone XS Max Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Earlier this month, immediately after the release of Galaxy Note 9, I challenged iPhone X's test with a drop test test that the latest main product iPhone won. So, how is Apple's largest phone built up?

If you are writing Apple live keynote earlier this month, you may remember the iPhone XS and XS Max windows are "the most durable glasses installed on smartphones so far". It was surprisingly durable, but what is the price of the mobile phone?

Ultimately, iPhone XS Max does most of the tests in flying colors. Again, the first fall breaks the back of note 9, but XS Max is not hurt so much. After the corner fell, the screen was perfectly energetic, and the corner was slightly scratched in terms of damage. Finally, the iPhone robbed the beginning of the galaxy leaving cracks on the screen.

However, in the bonus round, we had dropped a maximum of 10 times until we stopped the operation of each phone, but XS Max failed in 3 rounds. Note 9 lasted ten times. This was enough to give Galaxy Note 9 a 1 point advantage in the final score, but both went well.


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