iPhone XS, XS Max have new power chip designed by Apple, extra antenna band

The second disassembly of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max minimized the internal change of Apple's predecessor iPhone X but minimized changes to the antenna to increase connection speed on cellular networks Has been added.

Habitual I will fix it. This decomposition can be explained by resuming iPhone X decomposition last year using most of the same components as the previous model and installing it in nearly the same way. After deleting the screen, iPhone XS Max seems to be built just like small ones, but there seems to be more space to arrange the components.

An external change specified by the team is to add an additional antenna strip to the hole in the left microphone hole. this is, I will fix it. This can be used to add "Gigabit LTE" support, but it will probably help to improve reception by common operators.

One of the main differences between the two models is that iPhone XS Max supports iPhone designs when iPhone XS evolves into a single-cell L-shaped unit. 39 Last year, I used two cells of similar shape. iPhone XS battery exchange was discovered on Thursday's disassembly.

For previous disassembly, iFixit found that iPhone XS battery is slightly lower than iPhone X battery, capacity is 2,659 mAh. As expected, the XS Max battery is larger and provides 3.179 mAh with 2 cell design.

This battery is charged and the iPhone XS Max is powered by the power controller designed by Apple. According to rumors, Apple says not to rely on third party components, but to design their own power management chips for a while and to better control the operation of supply chains and devices. .

Larger XS Max adds internal space by incorporating a larger taptic motor and an extended logic board that moves based on one of the display connectors. Increasing the pixel size of wide angle sensors has also been proven to increase the resistance of iPhone XS cameras and cause warnings of camera compatibility with the hull of the camera. IPhone X

Please note that entering the back window has the same structure as used for iPhone X and iPhone 8. According to iFixit, this requires a little space for a small crack on the rear panel about it.

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