It May be Awhile Longer Before Apple Can Divorce from iPhone

Many Apple customers, perhaps Apple itself, also dream of making Apple stand out from the iPhone someday. But it will not happen soon.

Apple series 4 ECG applications

Apple will not be independent from the iPhone in the near future.

Of course, the obvious motivation is to be able to sell Apple to customers who do not have an iPhone. The potential market will grow, but this time seems to be far away.

I looked at Apple's technical specifications to understand the progress of the S4 chip. This is called Silicon in Package, SIP, and Apple says it is "the only product in the world that works perfectly on SiP". Still, it is only claimed that it is twice as fast as the previous S3. It is an evolutionary update, not a revolutionary progress.

Although the battery may be slightly larger to support this extra processing capacity, just as in the past, the battery life of "all day" is enough. This means that for me, Apple still has everything that Apple has on board is far from miniaturization technology, it may be necessary to be an iPhone self-employed person.

At the moment, the iPhone has the power, storage and security necessary to store a lot of data and health data. These data can be exported and analyzed in detail. I have not seen anything that suggests Apple will be this archive. Or that small screen can effectively support management interface and configuration effectively.

How about Android phones?

By the way, by having Apple work on Andoid smartphones, you may wonder if Apple can expand the addressable Apple market. Ultimately, Apple may replace the oldest iPod 's FireWire port with a USB port and PC users may be attractive in this era when they can synchronize their music. Sales of IPod increased sharply. But this inference is not the case here.

In principle, it may be technically possible, but there is a problem. My argument is that even the latest Android-powered mobile phones do not have a security architecture to protect personal health data up to Apple's satisfaction. And can you imagine horrible messages sent to customers?

We are Apple. We are manufacturing the safest smartphone on the planet. That is our strength and advantage. But, I guess we can put confidential sensitive data on Android smartphones that you've taken from Apple. It will be wonderful and I will make more money at your expense.

Do not go…

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