Jisoncase Apple MacBook Air 13 Leather Sleeve Pouch Review

Buying a device means you also have to buy the necessary accessories that can be useful as a function or to protect the device. We all buy enclosures for our devices to protect them from damage, but also to renew the look of the gadget. If we are talking about a case/cover, then a leather finish is something that I prefer, because it gives a rich feel, a formal look, and a better grip. Today we have our Jisoncase Apple MacBook Air 13 pouch sleeve for review. Jisoncase is a company that makes gadgets watch bands and other accessories/items.


The Jisoncase Macbook sleeve has a leather finish, but the one I received is made of Microfiber premium leatherette. It is man-made leather and has a finish like natural leather. Because of the man-made thing, it has a high tensile strength and tensile strength along with anti-aging properties. This makes it easy to clean without problems. The design of the Jisoncase Macbook sleeve looks premium thanks to the leather finish and the color I chose was brown.

When you touch the pouch, you can feel a leathery pattern and the stitches are clean and visible. The MacBook can easily be placed and fits well. The touchpad, the ports and the ventilation openings at the bottom are accessible and visible. Through the lower holes, the design of the case promotes the cooling of the Macbook. In general, the design of the bag has been well thought out and almost all points are covered during the making of the bag.

Although it hides the glossy logo of the apple on the back, the MacBook now has a much better grip with the Jisoncase MacBook sleeve.

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Quality and Durability

The Jisoncase Macbook pouch is made of microfiber PU leather that overcomes limitations of natural leather. This synthetic leather also has a much better tensile strength and a high tear strength. It is intended for rough and tough use. The stitches on the bag are tight and neat with respect to the design. The durability tests that were carried out during the folding of the housing showed some good results with the PU leather. When we talk about sustainability, PU leather excels when we compare it with natural leather.

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How can we talk about functions when we view a normal cover? But the cover of the Jisoncase MacBook sleeve is not just a matter. It has the normal feature to protect the MacBook from scratches and to some extent direct hits for the body. It covers the gadget in a good way and guards it against all sides. The extra grip reduces the risk of Macbook slipping out of control. But aside from the protection, the Jisoncase Macbook cover can transform and lift the MacBook to a certain degree, making typing simpler.

It works like a standard, putting our hands in the best position for typing on the MacBook. This is the function that I value the most and that is very useful when I work at a desk for a long time.

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Price and Availability

Jisoncase Apple MacBook Air 13 cover pouch sleeve is available on their website for $ 29.99 in different colors. One can also go for other quality and different products that are available on their website. Although the company comes from China, I had an excellent experience with receiving the product within 10-12 days. Rest the delivery will vary according to your location. Generally, Macbook’s pouch sleeve is something I would recommend to you if you’re looking for such a case.

9.5 Total Score

I had an excellent experience with receiving the product within 10-12 days.

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