Joyoshare HEIC Converter For Mac Review

If you’re an Apple fan or just a tech freak, you might know that Apple has shifted to a new image format. iOS 11 now saves images in HEIC or HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) format which utilizes less space but retaining clarity. With increasing picture resolutions, processing and optimizations which enhance image size, HEIC format is a good sign. HEIC format uses up to 50% of lesser extent compared with regular JPEG thanks to their refined compression.

By default, iOS devices with the A9 and later processors will be supporting the new HEIC format, i.e., Apple iPhone 7 or newer, Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad 2017 or newer. If you are on earlier devices, but you have your Apple device updated to iOS 11, you will be able to watch the photos without any trouble. Though you can easily share your pictures with HEIC format in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. without any trouble, you will yet face issues if you want to view these images on a Windows PC or an Android device or a Mac running macOS Sierra (10.12) or below versions. This is so because the HEIC format isn’t as compatible and portable as the JPG format.

There are several online HEIC to jpg converters available out there, and I don’t think working on online converters is a safe method. If you’re using a Mac OS device, we recommend you to try Joyoshare HEIC Converter. We’ve used this software, and it did its job without a defect. Some of the fundamental functions of Joyoshare’s software are mentioned below:

Functions OF Joyoshare HEIC Converter

Conversion To Various Formats Without Any Hassle

If you’re an image editor or merely a photoshopper, you’ll be working with various image formats such as PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. Joyoshare’s HEIC converter helps to convert your HEIC into various formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and many other formats. Joyoshare ensures that there won’t be a concern of quality even if you convert a high-quality picture into any other format including JPG format.


Supports Bulk Conversions At Decent Speed Rates

It supports conversion of HEIC images into multiple formats not only one image at once, but also various images at once. And guess what? It’s quick. Any conversion, be it a particular image or multiple image conversions at a time, it happens in a just a few seconds.

You might be wondering about other players in the marketplace. But we’ve already done research and found other alternatives. However, there are problems with the other software, such as lack of multiple quality, format conversions, disturbance in images, quality issues, etc. Therefore, the Joyoshare is our best pick from all the available alternatives.

Many Buying Options

You can download Joyoshare’s HEIC converter trial version for your Mac right now, and if you love it, you can purchase a license which starts from as low as the US $9.95 which gives you a yearly license for one device.

With the Family license worth the US $19.95, you can use the software on 2-5 devices for the lifetime. While the Unlimited License allows the same on multiple PCs with no limitation and for the lifetime. As mentioned earlier, you can first try the trial version which is absolutely free. However, the only con with that is you will have to get used to the watermark on every converted image.

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9 Total Score
The Bottom Line | Best Converter Tool For Mac Today

But still, the Joyoshare HEIC converter is undoubtedly the best converter that you can get right now, for hassle-free work. We recommend you to try this software on your Macs today and do share your experience with the software in the comments section below.

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