Kardia EKG after Apple : AliveCors future of remote patient care

To date, Apple's Series 4 has an electrocardiogram sensor that can detect whether heart rate is normal or atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation detects up to 6.1 million cardiac arrhythmias. People of the United States.

Series 4 and its successors will undoubtedly bring this important technology to millions of people over the next few years, but Apple will not put it on the market first.

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This distinction will be recruited as CEO of AliveCor, which was known on smartphones and Apple's mobile Kardia EKG product line, and Vic Gundotra, former Google's social media platform director.

Mountain View, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Is currently offering credit card sized Bluetooth enabled KardiaMobile accessories that work with iOS and Android mobile devices, KardiaBand .

Both products are on the market for more than a year and have AF based algorithm detection, but since 2012 there are other mobile EKG products available to clinicians.

Each device costs $ 99 and uses AliveCor's Kardia Premium cloud service (which records the patient's electrocardiogram and can be shared with healthcare professionals), and # # 39 affiliated doctor is a business You can interpret the additional cost. The cost of this service is $ 99 / year.

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However, with the release of Apple's Series 4, which provides a fully integrated solution from $ 399 without requiring monthly service, the dominance of the mobile ECG market (and the future of the company) is strained.

I talked with AliveCor 's sales manager, Ira Behr, and learned about the company' s new development. They are very important and will keep the future for a while.

The company sells a large number of Kardia Mobile devices and the number of Kardia Bands is purchased mainly by seniors rather than those targeted at Apple, but continues to innovate to further enhance the electrophysiological details of mobile ECG I will. It is close to the accuracy of 12-lead clinical diagnosis that can be found in hospitals and clinics.

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