Kegg measures vaginal mucus at kegball and tracks pregnancy rate – News

The infertility market is predicted to occupy more than $ 30 billion by 2025 and is currently planning a new device called Disk Startup Battlefield called Kegg, a Bluetooth connected silicon ball that monitors mucus to promote breeding It will be held in. Over 2 minutes a day throw devices that I think literally will produce waves figuratively.

This device shipping in the near future is scheduled to be sold at less than $ 200.

For uninitiated, Kegel ball is an object the women put in the passage of her vagina. Designed to be fixed with a female Kegel muscle (also called pelvic floor), holding the Kegel ball in place helps to strengthen and strengthen these muscles. This will help you to spontaneously pacifier along with your age.) Make sex more enjoyable. (This is not a completely attractive list, but what I say is very useful for many women.)

Kegg's product goes one step further and uses it to measure the viscosity of the mucus to create another use case.In the daily measurement of 2 minutes the cycle like the following is generated:

In doing so, she also explores another aspect of pregnancy not being part of a number of consumer – focused assistants: viscosity of mucus in female vaginal passage.

In recent years, we have seen emerging companies (more traditional women's health projects) focused on monitoring parameters such as pulse and body temperature. .

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Kegg measures vaginal mucus at kegball and tracks pregnancy rate - News

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