Kry expands tele-health service in France – new brand Livi news – news

Sweden's Telehealth startup Kry, which raised $ 66 million in the B series in June to expand the market, announced its launch in the French market on 15th September and is carrying out this plan.

This will be the fourth market for European startups founded in 2014, after the Swedish market between Norway and Spain. When I talked to Kry in June, I was considering launching in the UK and said "catch up" to the launch map.

Kry boasts of his service: he makes patients "see" health experts Within 15 minutes In other words, it is based on remote video consultation on a smartphone or tablet. He is recruiting physicians on site in all markets where he works.

The release in France will introduce a new brand for services called Livi on the market.

Livi is a mark of Kry born from all the markets (Swedish "life" – "alive") other than the Scandinavian countries.

Health services funded by the European Union vary from country to country, but in France, in consideration of access inequality, increased expenses, and excessive use of emergency services, the government has decided to publish the digital video health care consultation We have adopted a reimbursement system.

So it is clear that Livi is trying to make use of this public fund.

"We are extremely pleased to serve French patients," co-founder Johannes Schildt in Kry's CEO said in a statement. "Our vision is excellent health for everyone no matter where you live or where you live.When you use the scan speed up …

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Kry expands tele-health service in France - new brand Livi news - news

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