LambdaTest Review

Something that you’ll know a bit about if you’ve been around the tech scene for around about the past two to three years, which has been the boom period for this sort of service is the onset of Cloud-Based Testing services, a.k.a. Remote Testing services.

What are remote testing services?

Well, as a developer you have certain phases on goes through in the development lifecycle of an app/ web app. The testing period. Which usually comes in last, is by far one of the most cumbersome and drawn out processes there. And understandably so, because you have gotten past the grind. Slogging days and nights on multiple cups of Coffee, and now comes the big day, the day you test out how your application works on a consumer machine. But then comes the realisation that the consumers have different machines, and all varying from each other. Then comes the optimisation, the bugs and most importantly the pain.

Well, we can’t help you draw out the pain. But we can most certainly make the entire testing period a tad bit easier for you. Which is why we are here with a comprehensive solution for all your Web App testing requirements.

LambdaTest Review

LambdaTest calls themselves an online “Cross Browser Compatibility testing” service. What exactly does that mean you ask?

Well, when it comes to Web Applications, the testing that needs to be done, changes from machine to the browser, because the is what the web application essentially run on. And we know the countless browsers that are available on the market today. Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari. The list goes on and on. And LambdaTest gives you a platform to test out your web app on different configurations of the same browser or different browsers. Be it Windows or Mac, iOS or Android. LambdaTest can run the test, on everything.

Features of LambdaTest

LambdaTest certainly does what it advertises.

LambdaTest comes in very handy once Web Developers need to check out and certify that their web apps perform equally across numerous browsers installed on completely different machines. And to do this testing, one would sometimes take up plenty of your time.

But with the shear machine power, LambdaTest provides to its users, a task which can take days finishes up taking solely one or two of hours.

Additionally, with each remote machine you rent out, you also get a full loaded IDE that comes preloaded on the computers so you’ll edit your code on the fly.

Endless permutations and combinations

So we all know how there are different versions of every browser. A brand new update keeps rolling out each alternative day. And with this, it becomes necessary for us to make certain our web App is functioning in high condition.

Now that we all know regarding browser versions will you attempt to imagine the probabilities you’ll create by compounding the OS, the browser and also the browser version? Precisely. However what if we told you that LambdaTest will cover all those prospects. And perhaps even a lot more? And this is simply PC’s.

Lambda check additionally encompasses a separate unit for testing out numerous mobile browsers. you’ll choose from a large vary of Android and iOS devices, and screen sizes, to make certain your app works perfectly even when it involves a smaller screen and resolution.

Automated Screenshots

While using LambdaTest you get real-time results for every single configuration you run. Not solely that, you furthermore may get a visible illustration of every single test result in the shape of screenshots and screen recording that are automatically recorded by the service at the time of testing.

The app does exactly what it advertises and much much more, keeping the customers happy and raving about their product.

With the packages starting at about $15 a month, the services aren’t exactly even a hole in the pocket. Of Course, there are more packages available, alongside a free trial. Which is available on their website at the current point in time.

Check out their website for more info:

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