Top 10 Best Laptops For Students In 2019

If you are a student, a laptop is as essential as your textbooks and school ID, and not just for your school work. It should also be able to manage your great extracurricular activities: keeping up with your social networks, streaming movies, listening to music, posting photos, playing games, chatting with home rental videos. And, of course, the Best Laptops For Students must last long, preferably through four years of graduation and perhaps one year of university work.

Best Laptops For Students
Laptop NameLaptop RankLaptop Rating
Asus ZenBook UX330UABest Overall9.5 out of 10
Dell XPS 13Best Windows 109.4 out of 10
Apple MacBook Air 13For Mac lovers9.3 out of 10
Acer Swift 5Best Under Budget9.3 out of 10
Lenovo Yoga 720Best 2-in-19.2 out of 10
Asus ZenBook 3Thin and Light9.2 out of 10
HP Envy x360Slim 2-in-19.1 out of 10
Dell Inspiron 15 7000For Gamers9.1 out of 10
HP Envy 13tThin and Light9.0 out of 10
Acer Spin 5Budget 2-in-18.9 out of 10

Fortunately for you, we have a group below that fits perfectly into this description and will not download your savings account. Here are the basics you should keep in mind while looking for a college laptop.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Laptop For Student


Some colleges and universities want their students to be equipped with Windows-based laptops, to reduce software incompatibility problems, or to keep focused technical support on a single platform. Others do not care what operating system you use, whether it’s Windows, MacOS or even Linux if you’re hard-core. Some institutions have on-site computer repair centers that only serve laptops purchased from the university or a campus computer store; using one of these structures; turn-around time will be much quicker than when you should send it to the original manufacturer overnight.

2Weight and Size

It’s nice to have a mini home theater in your dorm room or play the best games in full 1080p, glory for the big screen, but a 5-pound and more laptop with a 15 or 17-inch screen will be a task to keep in all the campus while you’re running from one class to another. You’re better off with something light: if the screen size is of less interest than practicality, an ultra-thin ultra-portable might be the right solution.

For most people, a 13 or 14-inch widescreen display is ideal, as it will make room for other items in the backpack and reduce weight to a minimum. Depending on the tolerance level, a smaller display will work on the condition that it understands that full Web pages and productivity applications will imply greater scrolling and that characters will appear smaller than on larger screens, assuming the same resolution and same zoom level.


Laptops offer a wide range of processors regarding budget and use cases: it is possible to choose one that maximizes performance or favors battery life. Or you can select one that plays on both strengths: the latest Intel CPUs of “Kaby Lake” and “Coffee Lake” (also known as Intel seventh and eighth generation processors) confer the advantages of energy efficiency and battery.

Note that not all Core i5 and i7 chips are the same. Those that end in “H” or “HQ” are the most performing chips, which are usually found in more powerful and gaming-oriented laptops, while those that end in “U” are low-power, efficient CPUs designed for use in thinner and more portable machines. More performance means more heat generated, which typically means more chassis and support gears needed to cool the chip.

If you like to play your downtime, you may want to give yourself a more expensive gaming laptop. Most general purpose machines, especially at prices below $ 800, will not have the kind of discrete graphics chip (GPU) needed to make the AAA game titles more interesting and beautiful to play smoothly. But if you go hunting for a while, you can find gaming laptops these days starting at around $ 700 with a decent GPU to play 1080p and moderate or better settings.


With the growing demand of cloud storage and web applications, having plenty of local storage space is a little less vital now than it was in the past, but you still need to make sure your laptop meets your needs. If you plan to install many programs or want to cling to many large media files, you will need 500 GB of space or more. If you do not expect to need all the local storage space or be content to leave a lot of work online, you can get away with a laptop with less space.

Players may want to have a completely different view. With many installations of AAA games that exceed 40 GB or 50 GB each, a small SSD can be eaten quickly. You should think about it before buying a car, for example with a 256 GB SSD on its own, or at least be ready to exchange games in and out of the unit as you complete them.

5Battery Life

A much battery can be your greatest ally in a day full of lessons and extracurricular activities. Some school-oriented laptops come with more battery options. Others only have one and can not be removed. In this case, find out where the battery life is located in the big scheme of things. If removable batteries are an option, it may be a good idea to get a second, or larger, “extended” if available at the time of purchase. (The more “cells” the battery contains within a certain model line, the better the battery life.)

So, what are the best laptops for students? It is true, today there are more and more choices on the market and roaming through them can be daunting. No problem, though: we did the job for you. Check out the trendiest laptops below to beautify the dorm room, the lecture hall, and the campus quad for this school year.

Check out our list of Best Laptops For Students In 2019

Asus ZenBook UX330UA

9.5 Total Score
Winner: Asus ZenBook UX330UA

The 13.3-inch Asus ZenBook UX330UA is a great value notebook with a bright and colorful screen, an all-metal design, and powerful performance.

  • Bright, vibrant screen
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Speedy 8th Gen CPU
  • Decent Battery life
  • Stiff touchpad
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One of the best laptop values in circulation, the Asus ZenBook UX330UA 13-inch offers high-quality specifications, such as a lightweight aluminum chassis, a lively 1080p screen and a 256 GB solid state drive, for less than $800. The successor of the identical model last year, this version of the UX330UA allows you to upgrade the processor to an Intel 8th Intel 8th zipped CPU while keeping everything else unaltered. Unfortunately, the added performance means 1.5 hours less battery life. But with its colorful screen, sweet audio, and 2.7-pound chassis, the ZenBook UX330UA is still a great option for those who want a lightweight Ultrabook at an affordable price.

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Dell XPS 13

9.4Expert Score
Runner-up: Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 9370 offers high performance, long battery life and a stunning display in a frame that is thinner and more attractive than ever.

  • Attractive design
  • Vibrant screen
  • Strong performance
  • Good battery life
  • No USB Type-A Ports
  • Awkward webcam position

Dell XPS 13 has remained our favorite laptop in recent years, thanks to its almost borderless display, its lightness, and elegant aesthetics. Now, after several generations of attacks with the same chassis, Dell’s flagship premium has a new design with thinner dimensions and a beautiful combination of white and gold. In other improvements, the XPS 13 9370 also offers an optional 4K screen, a better webcam, assistance for GPUs and a cooling system that promises stronger sustained performance. However, to make his laptop thinner, Dell switched to a smaller battery and got rid of the Type-A USB ports.

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Apple MacBook Air 13

9.3Expert Score
2nd Runner-up: Apple MacBook Air 13

The MacBook Air may not be a flagship notebook, but this 13-inch ultraportable is still a good value. Its lightweight design and battery life makes it a good option for students.

  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Solid performance
  • Convenient MagSafe power port
  • Lackluster display
  • Heavier than competitors

You might not have noticed that Apple has updated the MacBook Air in 2017. In particular, the 9-inch $ 999 notebook has got a slightly faster 1.8 GHz Core i5 CPU, upgraded from a Core i5 processor by 1.6 GHz. Although we appreciate that the Air still has the best-feeling keyboard on a Mac and its USB 3.0 ports do not send us shopping for the dongles, the low-resolution display of this machine holds it back. However, if you’re searching for a relatively inexpensive Mac laptop, Air is a solid choice. The MacBook Air could become gray (fine, silver) with aging, but we still like its long battery life, stable performance, and the first MagSafe 2 security port.

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Acer Swift 5

  • Incredibly thin, attractive design
  • Bright, vivid display
  • Solid battery life
  • Comfortable keyboard

  • Not as fast as others
  • Dull Speakers

Acer’s Swift 7 is officially the world’s thinnest shell laptop, with a thickness of just 0.35 inches. Somehow, Acer managed to mount a stunning 14-inch display; a comfortable full-size keyboard; and 4G LTE connectivity in that small frame. And despite having a thinner battery, the notebook has squeezed over 9 hours of battery life in our tests. But some trade-offs had to be made on the altar of elegance. For Swift 7, they are a pair of weak speakers and a 7th generation Intel Core processor that drags the fastest ultraportable.

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Lenovo Yoga 720

  • Sleek design
  • Colorful image output
  • Above-average battery life

  • Shallow, flat keyboard
  • Dimmer-than-average display

A 2-in-1 with premium specs at a reasonable price, the Lenovo’s Yoga 720 (13-inch) offers decent performance, an all-metal chassis, and a bright screen. This lightweight convertible also runs for around 8.5 hours for a fee. Its keyboard is a bit stiff, and his screen may be brighter, but Yoga 720 is a good choice. The aluminum frame that makes up the Yoga 720 is petite. It’s elegant enough that I thought it was smaller than 13 inches. The Lenovo Yoga 720 is a well-priced 2-in-1 with a touch of class, good battery life, and an elegant appearance.

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Asus ZenBook 3

  • Gorgeous, superthin design
  • Sharp, vibrant screen
  • Excellent audio
  • Strong performance

  • Short battery life
  • One port for data and charging
  • Poor webcam

Designed to defeat MacBook and competitors like HP Specter in their superslim game, the Asus ZenBook 3 UX390UA points the scales at just 2 pounds but offers impressive performance, thanks to an optional 7th generation Core i7 CPU and an extremely fast SSD PCIe. The 12.5-inch laptop also offers an extremely vivid screen, rich sound and, in the upper configuration, a truly unique royal blue frame. However, if you want the elegance and speed of ZenBook 3, you must also accept a mediocre battery life and an isolated USB Type-C port for power and data.

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HP Envy x360

  • Relatively affordable prices
  • Stylish design
  • Solid sound

  • Wobbly hinge
  • Very dim screen

The big screen 2-in-1 laptops, the goal of the shopper who wants everything, often compromise. Consider the HP Envy x360, a stylish-looking convertible notebook, a huge 15-inch display, and a sweet sound. Unfortunately, its screen is quite a blah, its hinges are weak, and its battery life is short, even for the admittedly low standard for large notebooks. However, this notebook offers a decent number of benefits at a price that is cheaper than most of its competitors, making it worthy to check out. So, if you want a big screen that doubles as a tablet at a better price, the Envy x360 deserves to be taken into consideration.

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000

  • Affordable
  • Nvidia GeForce 1060 GPU
  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Uncomfortable keyboard
  • The display isn’t vivid

A game system ready for virtual reality can put a hole in your pocket, but it is not necessary. The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming notebook, with its initial price of $ 950, is light on the wallet and offers robust performance for the price. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q GPU of this laptop can power games, and VR experiences and its battery life is much longer than that of its competitors. But the Dell display, although better than the previous models, is even lower compared to the competition, and its keyboard is not fun to type. But if you can ignore these faults, you’ll get a lot for the price.

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HP Envy 13t

  • World-class keyboard
  • Light design
  • Long battery life
  • Strong performance

  • The display doesn’t pop
  • Tinny audio

The HP Envy 13t proves that it is not necessary to break the bank to get a lightweight laptop with heavy doses of style and performance. For less than $900, this 2.9-pound ultrabook packs the power of an Intel 8th Gen Core processor, the sensuality of an all-metal frame and battery-life convenience all day. It also has one of the decent keyboards on the market. The more expensive competitors offer livelier displays and even greater durability, but overall the Envy 13t is a fantastic value.

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Acer Spin 5

  • Bright display
  • Great keyboard
  • Affordable

  • Bloatware
  • Runs hot
  • Below-average battery life

You can get a 2-in-1 for less than $1,000, but how low can you go? At $699.99, the 13-inch Acer Spin 5 easily surpasses competitors on price, while offering a bright screen and a snappy keyboard as well as an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 CPU. But there are also some trade-offs, including poor battery life and lots of bloatware. However, if you can live with these problems, you will find a lot of value. Acer Spin 5 is a decent midrange laptop with Intel 8th Gen Intel Core processor, bright display, and a comfortable keyboard. But it works hot and has a lot of bloatware, and the battery does not last as long as we would like.

Final Words

We hope you found what your next college laptop will be. The list above is currently a guide to buying laptops par excellence, which covers all the best laptops in various budgets and niches and is made specifically for students according to the college majors. We hope this guide to buying the Best Laptops For Students will help you buy the best laptop for your college or school needs. We did a lot of searches and spent many hours working to create the guide for buying this laptop for the 2019 students.

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