Lego Apple Park looks amazing in brick replica that took two years to build

Regarding the architecture, "Spaceship" Apple Park received the ultimate verification as a Lego model.

The symbolic ring, the amphitheater of Steve Jobs, the fitness center and even the plants were also restored faithfully to about 1/650 by the brick teacher passing through Spencer R.

A picture of Apple's new Lego Renga headquarters has recently been posted on the fan site of Lego Brothers Brick and is also posted on the Spencer R. Flickr page.

A new headquarter designed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs opened in 2017 after four years of construction. Cost of a state-of-the-art circular building was about 5 billion dollars.

Mack worship Through the video created regularly by the drone pilot, at each stage of the actual size size construction process.

Lego's Apple Park hits bricks

These videos and photos revealed a lot of details about the construction of Apple Park. Spencer R used all of this information to make a model of the latest Lego masterpiece.

According to his Flickr page, Spencer R built a model in June 2016 and it was completed this month.

Spencer R estimates that it used 85,000 (including 1,647 trees) for a model weighing 77.5 pounds.

Detailed replica of LEGO from Apple's spaceship

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With only trees, Spencer R planted 1,647 in his cus Lego Apple Park.
Screen capture of Flickr: Fabrizio Constantini / Spencer R

Spencer R did not spare the details. The fitness center has basketball and tennis courts. There are also barren areas where the leaves are not yet blossoming.

"I always wanted to build a level skyscraper," he says on Flickr's page. "It is sometimes called a floor scanner.

"I found an image of a drone showing a huge circular drilling drilled in California land in 2014. When I discovered that this was the beginning of the creation of a new Apple" Spaceship ", I found interesting and appropriate candidate.

Spencer R's Flickr page also has a LEGO replica of a famous skyscraper built over the past 15 years.

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