LendingTree is a secret success story of fintech – News

All In the past 50 years, fintech has given enthusiasm, but many venture-supported finance technology companies are trying to adapt to the public market. LendingClub and OnDeck have collapsed since protecting their position in the private market for several years and making it public at the end of 2014. GreenSky, which was released in May this year, was unable to return to the IPO price. Square is an exception to the rule.

Sometimes, investment capital has accumulated over 100 billion dollars since 2010, sometimes ignoring enterprises that have entered the era preceding the wave of current fintech charm.

One of these companies is LendingTree. It started in mid February 2000 a month ago when the dot com bubble peaked. LendingTree was the founder of the Internet era in 1996. Accountant Doug Rubda, who was looking for a house in Pittsburgh, had to compare the mortgage of each bank manually. That is why he created a market for rent in the same way that OpenTable helps you pick your restaurant Zillow simplifies the process of home shopping. According to Rich Barton, the iconic founder of Expedia, Zillow, Glassdoor, this company is a classic of "public power".

The economic model of the market has profited for many of the major venture capital companies like Benchmark, a16z, Greylock. The network effect is a non-negotiable part of the reason explanation. Some of the classic successes successfully integrated into the public market are as follows …

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LendingTree is a secret success story of fintech - News

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