Let's talk about this wonderful solo: Star Wars Story Cameo

If you read more, you can not guarantee that you will not be bothered by a wonderful spoiler, preventing you from doing Kessel Run in less than 12 parks.

At the end of Solo: The story of Star WarsEmeria Clarke of Qi revealed that he was in contact with Star Wars's disgusting dozen moulle played again by Ray Park. If you had seen only Star Wars movies, the last memory of Darth Maul saw falling to his obvious death after being cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi at the end of Episode I.

Before the digital release of the film on September 14, I can see the whole cameo released by IGN.

But when you see the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" series, the dozen malls know that they survived the fight against Obi – Wan. In addition, he now knows that he has a metal foot of a robot. We further A detailed explanation about the situation of the mall and the meaning of the future Star Wars movie is here. Actor Sam Whitwa expressed Mauru with his solo voice and also released the character's voice even at the Clone Wars of the show. (FYI There is a possibility of confusion on the timeline: The Clone Wars series is done during episode 2: Clone Attack and Episode 3: Revenge of Sith. Solo: Star Wars story happens someday after episode 3, before episode 4: new hope. )


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Let's talk about this wonderful solo: Star Wars Story Cameo

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