Lexus will surprise us with a yacht LY 650 because the boat is cool.

I am not a boat expert, but it's pretty cool. Not Miami Vice but cool, but cool anyway.

Lexus builds a boat. Yes, it is strange as you think it is basically useless exercise, in addition to being a sure way to light money on fire, it is also very cool.

For the sake of clarity, the 65-foot motor yacht was not constructed by Lexus but was built under close consultation between the car company and the Marquis-Larson group. Lexus LY 650 was built on the success of the Lexus sports yacht concept and is produced in the building for handling and maintenance of Marquis Larson.

LY 650 uses the Lexus L – Finesse design language, but fortunately it seems that you chose not to include a spit grid that could fear all fish on the boat course. Lexus does not provide us with information on the yacht's power plant. All Toyota Ponamese ship says they are using derivatives of Lexus 300 Gd diesel which can not be found here.

Imagine a city cocktail where you might be behind a Lexus yacht. Please enjoy the sunset of Monaco. Or something.

Other details are also rare, but considering Takumi craftsmen 's Lexus speech and the reason to choose Marquis – Larson, I expect the interior to be beautiful. LY 650 is scheduled to debut globally in 2019 and I would like to attend.

It would be better to start purchasing boat shoes and embroidered shorts right now …

Hope you like the above news

Lexus will surprise us with a yacht LY 650 because the boat is cool.

. Stay Tuned For More Updates :)

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