Harvey Norman, LG, Samsung Say Big Screens Are Must: Future Of TV

If you are eager to keep pace with the Joneses, you will need a much larger television. The days when 50-inch TVs were considered “giant screens” have disappeared, and experts say the trend for mass entertainment in Australian shows is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

But while the popularity of 70-inch TVs is rising, fueled by falling prices and 4K technology, some savvy consumers are looking for creative ways to hide massive screens in plain view. Harvey Norman’s audiovisual general manager, Ajay Calpakam, said Australian TV customers were coming to stores with big wish lists for their next big screen, but almost all came with a “bigger and better” approach.

“We are seeing massive growth in 75-inch TV sales in our business, and we have seen a massive shift in major TVs,” he said.

“The 55-inch TV customer has now adopted a 65-inch TV, and this 65-inch customer has switched to a 75-inch TV,” he said.

“The big TV market will explode in the next 12 to 18 months.”

Mr Calpakam said massive price cuts had fueled growth, and some buyers were unaware of high-end TV features such as voice control and QLED or OLED displays to get the biggest TV in the store.

“Twelve months ago you had the habit of getting a 75-inch TV for $ 7999 to $ 9999. Now you can get a 75-inch screen for just under $ 3,000,” did he declare. “It may not have all the trumps, but for $ 3,000, you could take that risk because size is important.”

But Samsung Electronics’ head of broadcasting, Hass Mahdi, said it was important for buyers of the big TV to guarantee 4K resolution, the extra pixels being more visible on the big screens and allowing viewers to watch. sit. “Four or five years ago, if you walk into a store and you say,” I love a big TV, where do I have to go away? ” “, Sayed three times the height of the television.,” He said.

“Now, thanks to 4K technology, there are many more pixels on the screen and the ideal seating position is only 1.8m away.” According to the TV Ratings repository, the ideal viewing distance for a 4K TV is between 1.4 and 3 m from the screen, because it allows the human eye to observe the biggest difference between 4K video and high definition video.

Mr. Mahdi said that Australian consumers were upgrading to even larger TVs, in part for lifestyle reasons.

“On average, we have the second largest household in the world behind the United States,” he said.

“It’s a little-known fact around the world that Australians love big screens, but it’s not surprising to see the massive shift we’re seeing right now.”

But 75-inch screens obviously have the potential to dominate trade shows, causing many manufacturers to change the design of their products, and others to reinvent them entirely.

Mr. Calpakam said that innovative television designs that made their appearance less intrusive were already a hit with design-oriented buyers.

“Samsung’s Frame TV has had a sensational effect for our customers and has sold well,” he said. “Savvy shoppers look for more beautiful TVs at home – TVs (LG) Wallpaper, TVs Frame. The thinner the TV is, the easier it is to put it away without being intrusive in the family home. ”

The second version of Samsung’s Frame TV, which could display a family portrait or a famous artwork when it’s turned off, is expected to be released later this year and will feature a more advanced version of HDR on its screen.

LG’s Wallpaper TV, which is similar in design, weighs just 4mm, while Philips offers Ambilight TVs that illuminate the wall at the back of the screen with colors matching the actions on the screen.

Mr. Calpakam said that these stylish TVs were regularly associated with such unobtrusive sound bars in Australia, as even aficionados avoided complicated multi-speaker surround sound for wireless systems.

Among the popular soundbars, there is currently the new Sonos Beam that has used Amazon’s Alexa assistant, the new Samsung 7.1.4 N950 movie sound or the Sony Z9F that promised to improve its sound.

Source: News.com.au

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