LG TONE Platinum SE hands-on: Comfort and performance at a premium

Definitely, those that spread the style around the neck, LG's Tone series Bluetooth headphones and earphones are well accepted by critics and consumers as well. It is not surprising that it continues to prosper until today! The latest version of LG TONE Platinum SE adopts a signature design that is known for its series while adding the integration of Google Assistant and Google Translate.

Platinum SE is a unique design, ideal for relaxing music appreciation. Even if you relax on the sofa, even if you spend a long day relaxing, simply walking around the park, the earplug firmly hangs on the neck. All plastic constructions do not shout "premium". Fortunately, the controls built around this unit can quickly access playback functions without relying on smartphones.

The earplug is placed perfectly on the ear, allowing you to concentrate on music by blocking surrounding noises. If you do not use headphones, you can return it to the frame, but it is somewhat skeptical about the ultra-thin cable connecting the headphones to the frame. If possible, the overall design is comfortable, but you are not well suited for training with great movement.

In the place where LG TONE Platinum SE is shining most, there is audio performance that produces a rich full-bodied sound. There is no distortion or deformation in the output, the base is complementary to the whole experience. More than anything, you can always see all notifications by integrating with Google Assistant, which can be launched by pressing the dedicated assistant button every time the notification tone sounds. From there, I will tell you what it is.

As I mentioned about Google Assistant, to use Help, just use the "Ok Google" keyword and press a dedicated button to represent questions and orders. With the integration of Google Translate, LG TONE Platinum SE can eliminate language barriers. To use this function, you can operate the Google Talk application, which is a mode that started up normally in voice mode, in talk mode on a mobile phone. "Translate English into Spanish for me". Many other languages ​​are supported. In this mode, pick up the voice with the microphone of the headphones, and in Google translation "speak" the translation with the speaker of the mobile phone. Just by pressing the button on the screen, the process is reversed. Our phone listens to the converted opponent's response and the audio is played on the headphones.

There is no doubt that we have integrated high audio performance with Google Assistant, but the price of $ 200 LG TONE Platinum SE is certainly more valued than other models. training. On the other hand, higher quality materials can be used for design to add further justification to high cost.

Hope you like the news LG TONE Platinum SE hands-on: Comfort and performance at a premium. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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